Monday, December 10, 2012

Manic Monday

I'm thinking it's just manic everyday here.   I'll be brief today as I do have school to do.  And, since Yana is kicked off the bus for 2 days, I have to go pick her up.  URGHH!!!  Yes, I'm calling her out on it on here.  Ridiculous.  Standing up on the bus.  This is like a kindergarten rule.  Must be the week for getting kicked off as this is the 3rd child I've heard of.  Just gives you an extra thing to do.  I'm guessing she's learning a lesson as she asked Warren when she could get her license.  LOL.  Anyhow, back to Monday.

  • Did not go to the Christmas parade
  • Dogs are washed
  • Cars are washed
  • Washing rv soon
  • Netflix put a bunch of movies on from Disney now.  We're catching up.
  • Nik is poking around today doing school work
  • Studying the solar system still and landmarks
  • Logan will start doing chores today to earn back the bike (he broke it by doing tricks he's not supposed to)
  • Yana started running again and will try out for spring track in the new semester
  • Nik has an audiology appointment tomorrow
  • I'm way behind on this blog
  • Lots happening behind the scenes here so to speak
  • Thinking of putting boys in flag football
  • Need to get in shape (separate post...fell off the wagon)
  • Christmas tree is still alive
  • Calling contractor today
  • Need to put a few things up for sale
  • Kids love the pool table Max & Bojan got for Christmas
  • Planning the birthday bash
  • May do cookies & cocoa party here this Friday evening
Much, much more happening around Chaos Manor but frankly trying to play catch up today and not write much.  Only 3 posts up today and those weren't too lengthy.  LOL.  As I've said before, kids come first so blog is very low on that priority list.  Just like pinterest.  Dozens of things pinned and only 4 things tried thus far.  But, breakfast pizza was a hit as was a gift idea.  Boys are mad b/c I made them do a report on a planet.  I have no pity for them.  I really don't.  Both 12 and both capable of doing report.  Got to go.  More later this evening. 

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