Monday, December 3, 2012

Manic Monday

Quite the weekend w/ everyone here.  Have more posts from it.  Thought I'd do a quick Manic Monday post.  Notice it's late.  We've been busy doing school work today.  Here goes a little of what's happening here.  And I do mean a little.

  • Waiting for one more contractor to give me quotes
  • Yana will be getting a new bed for Christmas.  She designed it.
  • Christmas tree is finally decorated
  • Family came down this past weekend
  • Kids all got new bikes and are riding them like crazy
  • Alaska won't stop itching.  NO fleas, just itching like mad.
  • Speech therapist comes this week
  • Doing a field trip this Friday
  • Beautiful here lately
  • Going to a Christmas Tree lighting Thursday
  • Our 15th Anniversary is Friday
  • Will have to cancel our anniversary trip due to tax bill.  Bummed but I figure in a few months, maybe we can do something even better!
  • Re-stocking the rv this week
  • Max is starting to hang up new light fixtures in their room
  • Max & Bojan LOVE the new room
  • Younger boys love having more space but hate that the girls' stuff is in there temporarily.
  • Waiting on some quotes
  • Fence is still not up
  • We do not have enough hours in the day I'm afraid
  • Unexpected tax bill really threw us for a loop
  • Kids are making some new friends
  • Christmas parade is this weekend
  • Planning the birthday bash (something new we're trying in 2013)
  • Going to plan and cookies & cocoa party for her in the next 2 weeks
  • Windows are open
  • I'm so ready to get back into shape
  • This past weekend we ate horribly
  • Got to get that family portrait taken at some point here
  • Got lots of cool things this past weekend (will share in another post)
  • Our hacked bank account was taken care of
  • Bojan has a concert in 2 weeks
  • Nik is talking more and more
  • Max's shoulder still hurts
  • Irina is excited about a job prospect (really hoping she gets it)
  • Haven't written not one single Christmas card this year yet
  • Dealing w/ Logan being very prejudice (going to have this in another post as well soon)
  • Need to write Logan's transformation post
  • Many things on my mind
  • Warren's car needs some repair
Well, got much more to say and do.  Another post later this evening.  

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