Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mail Call

I have so many things to tell about.  Catching up with them all will be very difficult.  Years ago when I started this blog, I honestly thought I'd have nothing to say.  Umm, wrong.  I have quite a few posts to work on this evening.  Going in no particular order.  We get mail just as everyone else does.  Of course, with kids having birthdays practically every month, seems like we'll always get mail.  In addition, there have been some very kind hearts in the blog world that truly have put many smiles on my kids' faces time and time again.  I apologize as sometimes I really can't get through them all.  I actually have more pics in my camera now that I haven't downloaded yet.  For now, love to share a few with you from last week and this weekend. 

Even addressed to Summer!  Cute butterflies on it to boot.

Summer, getting ready to see what all is inside.   As well as everyone else standing around in the living room.

Her bangs are in the way but boy oh boy was she excited to see that candy.

Dora party supplies!  This will really make a birthday celebration special for her.  Now, to just organize the thing.

Ahh, love at first site.  A Dora pillow.  She has not let this thing out of her site this weekend.  Too funny.  She absolutely loves it!

She was perplexed by the singing card.  Summer was really happy Dora was singing to her.  LOL.  Thank you Ms. Heather.  You have made one little Dora fan here very happy.  Of course now she asks everyday if it's her birthday.  

Nik and Summer have been playing together with their pillow pets.  Big hit.  

Some of the kids waiting to see inside.  I think Alyona was excited.

This was so cool.  A box filled w/ 12 pairs of socks!

Bojan is holding a wisk filled w/ candy.  It says 'we wisk you a Merry Christmas.'  Very cute idea and may have to reuse that idea!  Love it.

Even came w/ a sweet note attached.  Logan's not happy b/c it wasn't his turn to read it.  Oh well.  Boys.

Reni, holding a cup up for whatever reason, I'm not sure.  LOL.  Socks are on her shoulder and she was going to go put them on.

Alex and Logan were surprisingly happy about these.  Maybe it's because they weren't fighting over the same pair.  LOL. Regardless of how many socks there are available, they want the same pair.

Trying on their snowmen socks.  There were also reindeer ones.  Cute.  Thank you so much Janah from LA!  Very thoughtful gift and definitely one that will be used. 

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  1. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the socks. Like I said in the note, I wish I could do more. I really appreciate you all and your blog. I've learned so much from your family. I can't wait until the day I can share pictures of my little Bulgarian baby.