Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just a little of what's happening

I know I skipped yesterday.  I know I owe a transformation for Logan post as well.  And did I mention that Alyona and Nik have been home 6 years now?  Yeh, the other day I actually thought I was getting ahead of the curve, catching up w/ all sorts of things.  Well, that didn't last long, did it?  I thought I'd give a glimpse of what's happening around here.  So, here goes nothing.  I could spit fire at one of my sons right now.  Really, I could.  Since this is public, I won't say who but I may if he keeps it up.  I was stunned when I asked for a status report from the counselor.  You'd think w/ an IEP they'd keep you informed but sigh, this is JCPS.  Shock when I find out grades are WAY below and I mean way below what I thought they were.  Working on a plan to get him out of the hole he's dug himself in.  URGHH!!!

Bojan has a band concert next week.  I'm not sure he has something to wear for it but will be checking this weekend and getting him a new shirt if he needs to.  My children are famous for waiting till the last minute to find items like this for an event.  Making me look like I don't clothe my children.  URGHH!!!

Yana is going to a lock-in w/ a friend tomorrow evening.  Wahoo, one gone!  LOL.  I do like her friends though & their parents so I don't worry too much.

Irina is going to check on her job applications tomorrow.  She's been working w/ voc rehab on all this.

Alaska keeps eating herself raw.  She's been bathed, she uses frontline but she's raw.  As in red raw.  Going to ask the vet.  Our other dog did this too and it was allergies.  Poor dog.  Any suggestions are also helpful.

The dining room chair broke this week.  It's not fixed yet but will be this weekend.

The contractor for the girls' room is now coming this Sunday.   We'll be clearing most everything out of there (okay this is a hope) this weekend.  Shoot me now.

Girls are getting antsy on the floor.  Our contractor laughed as he comes from a large family.  I told him I thought too much testosterone was a bad thing when all 5 boys were sharing.  It's nothing compared to the girls all sharing rooms.  Trust me, he'll be good yet proficient on this job as he knows it needs to be done.  Honestly though, the girls are doing pretty well.  I can't complain overall.
I'm having massive issues with a groupon I got.  As in I paid money and can not get the service.  I paid for air duct cleaning.  Scheduled for them to come out Dec. 6th.  I called and verified they were coming on Dec. 5th.  Next day, no one showed up.  No one called.  Oh wait, they did call Dec. 6th morning and confirm they were coming to our home at 4pm.  No one ever showed.  I called the next day and left a message.  That was Saturday.  I called Monday and left another message w/ another department.  I called again today and left a message, Thursday.  I can't find their local place.  This is a national chain apparently.  So, I'm writing Groupon tonight and seeing what they say.  I'm just really mad as this is money.  It was $69.  It needed to be done.  We've never had our air ducts cleaned before.  I know, gross.  But it's one of those things you just don't think about.  So, that's where I stand w/ that.

I'm trying to plan things.  I have to plan Summer's birthday party for next week.  Then we have Irina's birthday party.  We have to plan going to my in laws for Christmas.  Warren doesn't know when he has off work as of yet.  Just a lot of unfinished planning.  People are coming over tomorrow for cookies and cocoa.  Umm let's just say we made two batches of cookies and we ate....yep, you guessed it...two batches of cookies.  This will not end well people.  Though I must say I'm totally looking forward to tomorrow.  Worst case scenario, we go to Wally World and buy Chips Ahoy.  I've learned to just go with the flow here.

I am the lead teacher for Science for the homeschool academy classes for 3rd through 5th grade.  I need to come up w/ a curriculum of what we plan to do for the next few months.  Yeh, that one's on the to do  list.

I need to sign up the boys for flag football.  Wrote but the place did not write back yet.  Need to follow up to make sure they can do it starting in January.  I think they'll have a blast really.  And, it's only 5 weeks of camp so not a bad deal.  May get the girls into dance as well.

Working on what to do with Bojan.  In intense pain again.  Sigh.  He needs this amputated.  Looking into Shriners next.  

I'm planning our birthday bash trip for snow tubing.  Found the perfect place I think.  thank you whoever suggested Hawksnest in NC.  And, found the perfect camping spot...across the street!  For those who camp, I came across the BEST website for comparing campgrounds and such and gives you prices.  It is just awesome it will be the only one we use from now on.  I could not believe it.  It's called  .  None of us have been snow tubing before so this could get interesting.  LOL.

 I am beyond way behind on writing thank yous to people.  I feel bad b/c I'd love to thank everyone for what they've done at times but sometimes I just run out of time.  I do hope though people understand that what they do for us does not go unnoticed and is definitely not unappreciated.

Outside never got decorated for Christmas.  I never did end up getting that family portrait done.  I never got Christmas cards out though I think I may actually try this weekend.  Hey, it's not Christmas yet, right?  We are going to take the kids to Meadow Lights here this weekend.  That's always a fun time and we do it every year.  It's relaxing.  I want to convince Warren to go to Old Salem but not sure he's up to it.  We'll see.  I've never been & just think it would be so cool to experience an old fashioned Christmas.  Here's the link .

Working on making some summer time reservations and need to help organize a family reunion at some point.

So, despite thinking I was way ahead and making it happen, not so much.  On the up note here, I'm done whining about my day.   I know folks that are way busier than I am and much, much more to take care of.  Trust me, I count my blessings.  I do.   A few posts will be finished tomorrow.  And finally, some pictures.  Had a great walk this evening w/ Warren so refreshed and ready to get some things done around here.  Maybe I can bake cookies.  No wait.  They'll be gone by the middle of the night as I"m sure my kids will smell those things.  LOL.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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