Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Homeschool Field Trip (part 2)

Yeh, I know I haven't done part 1 yet of where we went but this one has less pictures in it.  Faster to write about.  So, part 2 it is.  After our field trip Friday, us and another homeschool family on a whim decided to go to Pizza Hut.  Now, I haven't been for years.  Part of that is because I used to manage a Pizza Hut and well, you work in it everyday, you really don't care when you go back.  LOL.  But, I always did love their pizza and we were in the car.  They have an all you can eat buffet during lunch.  Kids are only $3!  That's cheaper than the fast food places.  Mind you, not cheaper than I can make it but for a once in awhile treat, not bad.  There were 8 of us and 4 in the other family.  So, not a big group.  But a very pleasant time, that's for sure!  Great conversations and some very happy kids. 

Reni and her friend having a discussion.  Almost all the kids at salad first.

Boys were starting to stack up plates.  Yikes!  Poor buffet takes a beating with boys.  Guess it made up for the girls eating next to nothing.

And Summer is just happy anywhere you go.  Plus, there was dessert there.

Learning new tricks from friends and having a blast doing it.  Restaurant was practically empty as we went late afternoon.  It was fantastic!

Reni trying her hand at it. Just was nice to connect to others and relax a bit.  Homeschooling can happen anywhere which is nice.  The field trip was awesome.  Schools should go there really.  Some might.  It was a nature center we went to before we went out to eat.  We have done lots of traveling just in this semester and taken a lot in.  I think it's great.  So do the kids.  This week is a total work week and they know it.  Though, they finished their reports early.  Well, all except Alyona.  But, I was impressed.  Getting a little more structured as we go along and learn strengths and weaknesses.  May not be the best teacher but I do know they're learning.  And that's what counts in my opinion.  More to come tomorrow.  Need to get some house stuff done.  Poor house. 

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