Thursday, December 13, 2012

Homeschool field trip (part 1)

Since I started w/ part 2, I figured it was time for part one.  We went to a nature center along w/ another homeschool family last week. 

This week's study was on hibernation.  It has a variety of activities set up at each table.  Really cool.

Summer is putting a fox in a log to hibernate.

Nik is finding some hibernation words.

Okay, they're supposed to make this huge pile of leaves and cover up to hibernate.

Yeh, not so much.

All the homeschoolers, not just mine mind you, ended up jumping from the log benches and just laughing and having fun.  We all just went with it.  

Summer making new friends and loving it.

The kids trying to make this log balance.  It is pretty high up.

Summer just being cute.

 Irina and Reni goofing around.

Reni taking her turn jumping off the logs.  Summer debating whether it's too high or not.  In the end, too high for her.

Irina jumping down.  They all had a good time on these logs.

Boys enjoying their jump.  Flying high.

Trying to get all the kids lined up for a picture.

And they were all supposed to jump at the same time.  Notice how it turned out.

Nik at the top of the playground.  my daredevil all the way.

We had a great time with friends and enjoyed the entire day with them.  Really was just a lot of fun.  Can't wait to go again. 

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