Saturday, December 15, 2012


Well, I have a few helpers around the house lately and thought I'd share with you.

Reni and Alex decided to help mop the floors.  For no reason at all!  Yes, I did think the pod people had gotten to them.  I was waiting for the ball to drop.  But, took full advantage of this opportunity and let them mop the floors :)

Yana, wanted to help chop onions.  Who was I to say no.

Even one of her friends was helping us out.  Thought that was nice of him.  So, I had a few teenagers crying in the kitchen.  LOL.  These were some strong onions.   But, I was really grateful for the help.  I stuck to chopping up the green peppers. 

What?  You don't wash the car in a pretty dress?

Yana and Summer getting ready to wash the van.  Not sure what Alyona was doing in the background but positive it was avoiding work.

I think the child just knows she's cute.

Yana was mad b/c the "helpers" were not so helpful.  Mostly the Bulgarian kids who decided you should wash the van w/a muddy sponge.  It's a learning process.  They washed both cars but the rv still needs washing to this day.  And being that it's 70 degrees in NC in December, makes it easier to wash the cars.

Today is Saturday and trying to get things done in regards to cleaning.  Cleaning up the house, hauling off trash, getting Logan glasses, taking bikes to the bicycle man to give as gifts, etc.  Boring day but stuff that has to be done.  So, need to go get things done.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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