Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Goodie Day at work

Today was goodie day at SAS.  (Daddy's work).  So, kids and I made some things for Warren to take to work with him. 

We made red velvet cupcakes with homemade butter cream icing.  

Yum.  At first I had help putting the sprinkles on.  I quickly realized I should not have help putting them on. 

 Alyona helped to crush the peppermint candy canes for the peppermint bark.

She took her work very seriously.

Now, try doing it in heels a few sizes too big.  LOL.  

So, today was goodie day at SAS and Warren took what we made.  Came home and it is also Summer's birthday today.  Separate post on that.  Much to catch you all up on for sure.  Anyhow, we had pizza and went off to Meadow Lights this evening.  Had a great time.  It's just $2 to ride the little train and see the lights.  Fantastic!  Kids visited w/ Santa.  Candy store was literally wiped out.  It's an old fashioned candy store.  After we came home, had a big package on teh front porch.  Kids went in and opened it.  A case of....toilet paper!  We were all laughing.  Love it!  Hey, the practical gifts are the ones you love the most.  Kids were not as thrilled w/ toilet paper as mom was though.  But earlier today, they received yet another box.  In it were 96 packages of those individual boxes of cereal.  The kids were screaming and cheering.  Can you tell I rarely buy them cereal?  LOL.  Can we have some?  Requesting all different kinds once they read what was inside.  I told them we should really save them for our camping trips b/c these are just perfect for it.  We travel again in January.  But, I agreed they could have some tomorrow for breakfast.  Compromise.  Thanks so much Heather!  We love it.  

In addition to the box on the porch, there was a separate note saying to look in Warren's car.  There were a bunch of loaves of bakery breads and pastries and cookies.  Covered our counter.  Have no idea who brought it over.  Just know it will get eaten for sure.  Thank you so much whoever you are.  

Kids are still up.  I have a bunch going on but will catch up here sooner or later.  Probably tomorrow you'll see five to ten posts of catching up.  I have an early IEP meeting for Max and contractor coming tomorrow evening.  School tomorrow for the kids.  Got to get going here.  We're still here just super duper busy the last few days.  Pictures will be coming in the next few posts and also a bit of what's happening around here. 

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