Sunday, December 2, 2012

Early Birthday Wishes

Yesterday, we had my parents visit for an early Christmas.  It was an also early birthday for Summer and Irina.  Both of which have birthdays this month. 

Summer, opening up her gift from Nana and Popop.  Clothes!

Then she pulled a Barbie out.

Yes, Barbie is a huge hit here.  Do you think she liked it?  She also got pajamas and an outfit.  Thank you Nana and Poppop.

Irina got these cozy socks for her birthday.  These are by far the most comfortable socks ever.  Going to ask my mom what store she bought them at.

Everyone interested in what IRina got for her birthday.  Comfy pajamas which she truly needed.  So soft too.

Irina also got a perfume and lotion kit from Victoria Secrets.  Think the smile says it all.

Alex and Reni were great about helping Summer get those pieces out of that box.  You'd think it was gold the way these companies tie those stupid toys in.  Drives me bonkers as it takes so long to get them out of the package.  Both girls truly enjoyed their birthday gifts early.  Did not mind one bit.  And for once, Barbie is now dressed.  LOL.  More to come on our visit.  Just have a few other things to take care of first before writing more posts. 

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