Monday, December 10, 2012

Cookies & Cocoa

It's that time of year again.  Love it.  And truly, this is a more relaxed Christmas season than last.  Last year, we had just gotten home from Bulgaria and adjusting.  This time, everyone has their place.  We've visited w/ relatives, attempted a parade(ahem), seen Santa, been to a Christmas event, set up the tree, etc.  Now, we are just hanging out for a bit.  So, thought it would be wonderful to catch up w/ some folks we haven't seen for awhile.  Spur of the moment planning but hey, that's us.  Chaos Manor to a tee.  Those visiting us on Saturday, will now know why the house may look like it does.  LOL.  Since it's Christmas season and Lord knows NOT feeling like Christmas here, I decided we should do something a little more Christmasy.  I know that's not a word.  See, the only time we really see snow in NC is in a snow cone.  Hard to see all those warm and cozy commercials when you're in shorts and flip flops.  So, time to do something. 

This Friday, we're having cookies and cocoa at our house.  Yes, JUST cookies and cocoa.  Keeping it simple.  No veggies, appetizers, etc.  This is sugar all the way.  LOL.  Thought it would be great to meet some new folks, see some old ones, and just have a good old fashioned conversation.  This is a NO FRILLS gathering folks.  So, if you come, no need for fancy holiday attire or proper ettique for that matter.  Well, to a point.  No hostess gifts needed.  Simply the company.  I've already had 2 families respond on Facebook so I know it won't be just us.  Kids will be free range.  They'll be Christmas movies playing.  Kids can go on the trampoline, ride bikes, swing set, play games, play pool table, hang out, etc.  Adults will be able to just chat.  No worries about your kids breaking anything either.  If you've read here long enough, you know why. 

Just thought this was a simple way for people to come together and have a little fun and not rush around.  I thought we'd start around 5 w/ people coming over.  No real set time.  Like I said casual.  Shoot, Warren won't even be home at 5!  I can't guarantee the house will be spic & span or that there won't be stuff all over.  Remember, we're in process of a remodel here.  Plenty of room though for sure.  So, come on over.  Bring some cookies to share and be ready to have some laid back fun during this season.  Maybe we can shave some ice to make snow.  Put it this way, in NC, our sleds double as pool inner tubes.  Locals, come on over if you can.  We even have a new family that even we haven't met coming.  Can't wait!  We'll have plenty of cocoa, marshmallows, & the like ready to go.  Hope to see you all soon. 

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