Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas visit

This past weekend, my parents came to visit along w/ my cousins and Uncle.  I did not take a pile of pictures b/c honestly, we were too busy chatting away.

The grandparents came armed w/ a bunch of goodies the kids would all enjoy.  Bojan and Nik are checking out the new Wii games.  

But the biggest hit of all was the 10, yes 10 new bikes!  Max put all ten together that day.  Every single last one.  What a handyman.

Summer, getting ready to go for her first new ride.  Isn't it cool?

Nik, our daredevil, is completely content and happy w/ his new set of wheels.  Nice that he doesn't have to share the big bikes any more.  We had so many broken bikes that it was tough to take turns to ride.  This solved a huge problem.

Even Bojan tried to get it going w/ the bike.  Trouble is, he got a new knee recently and locks.  He found a way to make it work but Warren will have to take the time to rig it up soon w/ a magnet to make his foot stay on.  Definitely have to do that soon as he keeps falling off.  Thankfully, Warren is very handy w/ this type of thing.  Just need more hours in a day.  Love it though that all my kids can ride now.  May  have to steal one of their bikes.  They broke mine awhile back.  URGHH!! 

Of course food was involved w/ this visit.  Way too many goodies to count or taste for that matter.  I made ham and my cousin brought my Nana's homemade mac & cheese recipe.  Yum.

This is me (in the middle) and my two cousins that live here in Raleigh/ Clayton.  Nice having them close though we don't get to see each other often enough.  We hope to change that soon.

Picture of my cousins w/ my mom on the left.

My cousin Angie and my mom.

Yana, with a real smile.  Some of my kids tend to 'fake' a smile & it drives me insane.  I think sometimes they do it b/c they know mom hates it.  LOL.

Not the best shot but better than some.  Trying to get 15 to smile is never easy.  Shoot, getting 2 to smile is never easy.

My cousin's husband is typically one of the kids as you can clearly see.  He wanted to test out the new bikes.  Not sure Logan knows what to make of it all.

This was really cute and we hung it up already.  As you know, we have quite a few trees in our yard.  Birdhouses are a must.  This is a duplex birdhouse.

My mom brought all sorts of gifts and also some items from the house they just sold.  This comforter set was one of those items.  Warren was VERY grateful as it is not as hot as the other one we have.  Nor as heavy.  We only had one comforter as the other one had gotten shredded.  Don't ask.  See, we're one of those couples where one is always hot and the other always cold.  So you can see where this may be a great debate.  This comforter is perfect.    We also enjoyed the gifts of Godiva hot cocoa.  And more hot cocoa and these chocolate marshmallows from Williams and Sonoma or somewhere like that.  (can you tell I usually shop at Sam's?)  We enjoyed all kinds of other treats and goodies.  Girls were especially delighted w/ this big makeup mirror to share.  I'm somewhat jealous.  May have to borrow that one a time or two.

A little Christmas.  Just sets the mood.  Joyful.  Had a wonderful visit and just wished they could have stayed longer than a few hours.  We may visit them in VA depending upon where we travel for our Birthday Bash (more on that in another post) this coming year.  Kids enjoy their time together when they can.  Was a great way to kick off our holiday season for sure! 

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  1. What wonderful gifts, especially to have happy family memories. I love this season so much. Happy Holidays!