Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas part 2-- The Boys

Now it was time for the boys to open up individual gifts.  After this, we did group gifts. 

Max & Bojan checking out the new pool sticks for the pool table.  The pool table was received a few weeks ago as an early Christmas present as it wouldn't fit in Santa's sleigh.  They both know that was the deal.  Even bought a short stick for the younger kids to use.

The infamous chocolate Santa.  Thank you Vanessa!  She found one.  Believe it or not, we looked everywhere and could not find one.  It was ridiculous.  He wanted a big chocolate Santa.

Logan and Alex checking out their new watches.  I've never seen two boys as tough as them on watches and shoes.

Max and Bojan did get a magnetic dart set for Christmas.  Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why they're not real darts?  LOL.

Alex and Reni comparing some presents.

Bojan w/ a USB drive he needed.  Max checking out some body wash and cologne.  See, the younger kids had used all his up.  I tell the older ones to hide it and use it on your own.  Don't leave it in the shower.  I even bought them all a shower caddy awhile back.

Summer letting dad take a picture of Barbie.  And she has clothes on this time!

Irina, testing out her new chair waiting for the next phase of opening presents...the group gifts.  Geez, 9 posts in one day.  Crazy. 

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