Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas miracle

Well, maybe not for most but for us, yes indeed.  I won't tell you, I"ll show you.


I hope this video turns out.  If not, I'll have Warren fix it.  They never thought he'd be able to talk.  Well, look who's talking now!  He's saying Merry Christmas!  Goes around the house now saying Merry, Merry Christmas.  The words never get tiring coming from Nik.  No one knows how simple words mean so much to us.  This week, Alyona who has the mind of a 4yo, scored a 100 on her spelling test.  Did you read that?!  A hundred.  The one who can't read is indeed learning how to spell.  I know many of you are saying what's the point, she's 13yo.  Well, there is a point.  She CAN reach her fullest potential possible.  Though she may not be able to read the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer  or the like, she can now read the Cat in the Hat and Go Dog Go.  She's even trying Judy Moody (though too hard).  Then we also have Summer.  One who just months ago was falling down when walking or running.  Today, she was riding her new bike.  We also have Irina this week.  Same child we were told years ago would never pass a second grade level (can you believe that comment came from the head of Special Ed of Johnston County years ago?!), has a good chance of getting a job this coming week.  Yes, to others it may not seem like a big deal.  To us, these are the Christmas Miracles we treasure.  Hope you don't mind me sharing it with you all.


  1. I don't know if they're Christmas miracles or the magic that happens when children have the love and support of a great mom and dad. What a wonderful way to ring in Advent. Big hugs to all of you.

  2. So grateful for your Christmas miracles.

  3. Tears....wonderful!

  4. Wonderful! (I'm a lurker, and the moderator of DeafVillage) and I wanted to say it's a wonderful post!!