Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas gifts from Uncle Chris

My parents and relatives were here over the weekend.  More on that in another post.  They brought gifts from my brother who lives in MD.  He always gets something neat that we can use.  One year, a telescope.  Another year, monogrammed blankets for each of the kids.  This year:

We got these really cool camping skewers.  I've never seen anything like them before.  Really neat!

A closer view.  It's neat because you can do multiples on them.  The one that looks like branches is for marshmallows.  We got two of each kind.  The other one pictured is for hot dogs and fits 5 hot dogs at once!  Awesome.

Blurry but gives you an idea of how long they are.  There are also 2 for toasted cheese sandwiches!  Ignore the mess on the table.  We'd just eaten.  I know, we left the mess.  Summer of course didn't eat.  Too busy playing w/ her dolls.

We'd always wanted one of these!  We must travel now.

They stick to the windows.  We get to track what states we've been to and the year even.  Very cool.  We're trying to plan our Bulgarian Reunion vacation.  Trouble is, Orenburg Reunion is the weekend right after that.  We're trying to see if we should split it up or do just the one reunion.   I had the Bulgarian reunion all planned out w/ a week long trip.  If we do both reunions, I'd go to the Bulgarian Reunion, leaving here Thursday, coming home on Sunday.  Warren back to work Monday.  Leave that Friday for MD (but stay in PA campground) for the Orenburg Reunion and maybe stay till Monday or Tuesday.  Not sure which to do or which one we can do b/c we do have to factor in gas cost w/ all this.  Staying at the campgrounds, though more expensive in summer, is not the expensive part.  It's the gas & if we do two separate trips, I'm sure it'd cost more.  Yet, love going to both reunions.  Who knows.  Thinking it all over.  Well, need to get some more stuff done around here.  Yana is at church w/ a friend this evening.  Rest are home.  This week I need to get lists done and reorganized w/ what all is happening around here.  More to come.  Right now, life calls. 

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