Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was busy yet low key as well.  Warren and I went Christmas shopping for one elusive Jack in the Box at Toys R Us.  Wasn't too crowded and people were actually nice and not shoving.  Was pleasant.  Since Warren and I don't really exchange gifts (money is limiting when you have ten kiddos and a huge glitch by your mortgage company on the taxes for the refi..urghh!!).  So, we decided he and I will have a lunch...alone.  Sans kids.  We went to Chili's and just had a very nice lunch.  Chicken fajitas were very tasty.  We even got to order soda!  See, anywhere we go w/ everyone, we order water.  All the time.  So soda is a big treat.  Went home and told the kids we'd take them out to the movies..Hotel Transylvania.  Had no clue the road would be closed. No movie.  Came home and just hung out.  We'll do a rain check this week on the movies for sure.  Cheap seats are great in this area.  Kids were beyond excited.  Nik wanted to go to bed at 6.  LOL.  There was goofing around and then eventually all headed to bed.

Bojan trying to pick up Yana.  Successful I'd say.

Alyona and Summer trying to settle down for Christmas Eve.  Yeh, that took awhile.
 This is what Santa's workshop looks like on Christmas Eve.  Equipped w/ laundry even. 

Alaska was looking for the chewies she smelled.

Max and Bojan only had one thing in their pile to share.  That's b/c they received the pool table early from Santa b/c it wouldn't fit in the sleigh.  Both being older though, they understood that concept.  Hence, why the younger 3 boys group gift pile looks bigger.  

The 5 boys' individual stockings under the tree.  Their piles aren't much this year b/c we really did more of the group gift thing and they went to Great Wolf Lodge.

The pile on the right is one for all ten to share.  Pile on the left is the younger girls' pile.  Two nice bean bag chairs for their new room.

This is Reni, Summer and Alyona's individual piles.  They love those unicorns btw.  

Irina's pile is on the left w/ the pink chair.  Yana's on the right w/ the blue chair.  Like Max and Bojan, Yana also got a bed that was part of her Christmas gift.

A view of part of the living room.  Alaska is pacing b/c she wants her stocking.  We went to bed at 1am.  More to come on what happened today.  This was post #7 I think.  I will get at least 10 posts done today.  Need a break though.  Some of the kids are watching a movie, some playing pool, one walking the dog and others on their bikes.  Relaxing day. 

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