Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day-- part 1 (girls)

Well, Warren and I finished up and went to bed around 1am this morning.  Got that time?  Nik came screaming in our room w/ excitement at......2 a.m.!!!!  Told him to go back to bed.  I get up at 3am next by Logan, Alex and Nik coming down the stairs.  URGHH!!!  Getting frustrated and trying not to take away Christmas, I demanded they go back to sleep.  Tossed and turned a bit more and woke up here and there.  It's a blur as to who was up at 5am.  Nik came into our room again around 7am.  Told him he can't come down till 8am.  Right on the nose he was up and waking everyone else up.  At this point, I just wanted to crawl under the covers and say let's skip this ordeal till tomorrow.  But, that would not have gone over very well. 

Ahh, the daylight is finally out.  Remember, Nik got up in the middle of the night several times.

Summer, taking it all in.

They all still seem a little sleepy.  Reni's so tired she doesn't even notice her pajama shirt.  LOL.  Neither did the rest of us.  Yep, tired.

Let the dogs have their chewies.  They were rather pleased.  Digby then goes and buries two of them in the yard somewhere.  He does it every time.

Irina got some jewelry that she loved.

Boys that I wasn't too pleased w/ were made to wait this time.  Usually, we all open everything the same time.  Well, this year the boys weren't all downstairs and we were all tired of waiting.  And, after being woken up several times throughout the night, they shifted from the nice to the naughty list.

Reni, looking at all her stocking stuffers.

Alyona, happy with some more jewelry.

Yana got a scarf and some gloves along w/ pajama bottoms.  Reni was showing me her camera.  Same one her brothers destroyed and broke a few weeks ago.

Irina got an ipod doc.  All of them got bean bag chairs for their new rooms.

Alyona has been wanting cartridges so badly for her Leap Pad.  Awesome learning tools.  Going to keep an eye out for more on Craigslist.  She loves learning on it.  

Max and Bojan finally graced us w/ their presence so then they were up next for opening gifts.  Boys' post next and then the group gifts after that.  Though exhausted, they did enjoy opening up presents.  More Christmas posts to come.

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  1. Personally, I think they are lucky they are alive after waking you up so many times. I hope there was a mandatory nap/quite time today for your sake.