Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blessings Abound!

One day, I hope to be more proficient at saying thank you in a timely manner.  I know folks do things out of the kindness of their hearts but I've always taught my kids to be grateful and pay it forward.  We had a discussion on this topic last Sunday at this house.  Anyhow, would love to share some of the awesome food blessings as of late.  And remember, it is Christmas time...aka goodie time.  LOL.

Our homeschooling friend Jennifer and family brought these to our house the other day & graced us w/ their presence for a few hours so all the kids could play together.  Was a wonderful visit.  I had to snap a quick shot or these would have been gone.  Well, they were gone w/in about 2 minutes.

Not sure how many on here know that read this blog, but I grew up knowing about the Russian Orthodox faith as my grandfather was Russian Orthodox.  Know quite a bit about traditions, Julian Calender, etc.  My uncle still attends a Russian Orthodox church as he is of that faith as well.  The ladies there make homemade baklawa every year at this time.  My uncle, the kind guy that he is, thinks of us every year and gives us 2 containers full.  They of course are devoured eaten within minutes of arriving here. 

The other day we received a package from Coach Chris as the kids call him.  They could hardly wait to see what was inside.

There was even a letter for all the kids!  Very sweet of him to think of that.

Nik and Alyona looking inside to see what kind of goodies they received.

And one of their favorite things to do when we get packages....popping bubble wrap.  I think Santa needs to buy one of those giant rolls.

Summer, having to follow her big sibs.

Oh, these were all SO yummy!  I particularly thought the Chocorooms were great.  I'd never had them before.  Everyone had their favorites.  We dumped all of it in a bowl and passed it around while watching a Christmas movie.  I think we were watching Elf.  Very, very thoughtful of him to think of all of us during Christmas.  Was just so nice to sit down w/ movie candy and watch a movie together.  

Thanks to all those who bless us w/ not only things but their time, words, and generosity.  We try are best to pay it forward and to set an example to others. 

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