Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blessings abound!

Truly, sometimes I am just amazed at the different people who think of us.  I really am.  Last week was no exception.  Quite a few kind hearts passed our way.

Look at all those games!  A friend brought over a literal pile of games.  Kids were so excited to see what they were.  Thank you Danielle!

So many games to choose from.  Some batteries required, some not.

Divided up what stays and what goes in the rv to stay for when we travel.

This cat in the hat game was so much fun even Irina and I did it.

You  have to do goofy things depending upon the cards you draw.  Reni had to climb under the limbo stick trickamastick while holding a fish under her right arm.  Lots of laughs we all got from this.

Is he strategizing??  Battleship is a classic.  Nice way for some friendly competition.  I counted this as part of their math.  LOL.  We've been doing graphing/ plotting lately & this fits right in.

I remember playing perfection as a kid.  Fun, fun game.

They love this game and easy enough for everyone to understand.

A neighbor has family that does catering.  They were catering for a movie being made in town.  They had quite a bit leftover.  Our neighbor asked if we wanted any?  Of course!  Who would ever pass up tasty lasagna?  Took a pic after we cut it.  This was actually the best lasagna I've ever had.  Warren asked if we could purchase a few trays.  I think I may actually ask them that.  You never know.  Thanks so much for dinner that night Kristy.

A new king size mattress since someone was moving.  Amazing folks will buy something for a spare bedroom and not use it.  However, I guess for us it's a strange concept as we literally don't have a spare bedroom.  All ours are occupied.  We were very grateful for the gift for sure.  Thanks a bunch Karen.

One of the teens friends noticed we had this.  I actually got it in a CRAVEBOX recently.  He had a whole case and brought it over as he knew Yana and Max drank coffee and use this sometimes.  Very thoughtful of Tyler.

When my mom came down, she brought some brand new institutional sized spices and such.  These we can surely use. 

I am so grateful for the gifts we receive.  I wish I could get thank yous out faster when it happens.  I really do.  Does make a big difference for us and the children.   Thank you all for blessing our family in so many different ways.

Okay, I think that was 6 posts today.  Good night.  More tomorrow of course.

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