Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Birthday Bash

I've mentioned in a few posts about a birthday bash.  I figured I'd explain what I meant.  With 12 of us, birthdays seem to occur often here.  And, not to mention there is planning of the parties and the cost of it all.  Cost is a big factor.  Big.  After calculating how much we spend annually on the kids' & their birthdays, we knew we had to come up with something different and approached the kids with an idea.  A ONCE a year party for all of them.  Yes, just once a year.  Yet, we''re also going to reinstate our annual Halloween party that seems to have disappeared over the last 2 years.  Last year we were in Bulgaria and this year October just flew by us for some reason.  So, we'll have the Halloween parties once again.  One for the teens, one for the younger kids. 

Now, the birthday bash is for all.  What we want to do is pick a new activity or something of that nature, have all of us go.  It will be much more cost effective AND I think more memorable for all.  We took a vote last week.  I asked for input and ideas.   Honestly, there weren't many ideas.  Well, when I laid my  idea out on the table that was all she wrote.  All aboard!  So, this coming year, 2013, we will be celebrating our Birthday Bash by going snow tubing.  Not a one of us has ever been before.  Rarely do we see snow in NC.  So, currently deciding where to go snow tubing.  Love the idea of Snow Mountain in GA.  We'd take the rv obviously and do some camping along w/ the snow tubing activity.  Make a weekend out of it for sure.  Hot cocoa, s'mores, the works!  Even will have a heater for the tent for the teens.  Kind of an inside joke here.  We'll have birthday cake to celebrate as well for sure.  Really looking forward to this thing to be honest.

Even though they won't really have parties or such, on their actual birthdays, they'll have cake and probably a spend the night type of deal.  We are going to try Birthday Bash this year and see how it goes.  May be an epic fail.  They may miss the hoopla, not sure.  We'll see.   So far, everyone is definitely for this idea.  Figured it doesn't hurt to try it.  Let you know how it goes.  Thinking of the tubing for February.  If anyone knows of places, do let us know.  Would have to have a campground nearby for sure w/ full hookup.  RV will be decked out w/ streamers, balloons and all.  Any thoughts on this idea?  Good or bad?  Time will tell I guess whether this works or doesn't.  Birthday Bash 2013 soon to come! 


  1. They have group rates for 12 or more so y'all would qualify. Michele

  2. It sounds like a great idea. We have friends who raised three boys on a tight budget and they did something similar by allowing them to have a big party each only on their 5th, 10th, and 15th birthdays. During the other years they celebrated at home with just the immediate family.

    I have heard of two ski resorts in West Virginia that are supposed to be nice: Snowshoe and Winterplace. I think they each have tubing, too.