Sunday, December 23, 2012

Better than TP!

We had another package the other day.  Kids were excited as usual and gathered in the kitchen for Irina to open this one.  I let them take turns opening them. 

They got the box out of the bigger box but weren't so convinced this was actually cereal.  So, they waited for it to be cut opened.

They realized quickly this was indeed what the box said.

They were excited to say the least.  Alex listing what all they got in there and Alyona getting ready to throw her arms up in the air.  Classic.

Love Bojan's bunny ears??  Irina really happy about cocoa krispies.  Lots of varieties and plenty of them to boot.  96 boxes!!! 

Some of the kids w/ their cereal.  Not sure what's up w/ Alyona in this picture.  And Reni is smiling but totally had a camera hog in front of her.  Summer woulnd't let go of the FEDEX dollar the FEDEX man just gave her for her birthday.  They are all still talking about the cereal they got.  And, mad at mom.  I told them put it in the rv.  We're taking a trip soon & this is just perfect for it.  No cleaning up, easy to store and kids love it b/c they never get cereal.  Thank you, thank you so much Heather, Joe and Emma!  Perfect gift indeed.  Kids said... "it's better than toilet paper!"  I cracked up at that one. 

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  1. OMG! The picture of Summer with the dollar and cereal and chocolate on her little mug! You could just eat her up. You have beautiful kids.

    Merry Christmas!