Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Barbies, broken and blessed

Okay, warning here.  Some of these next pictures may be a bit disturbing.  Summer and Nik have taken to playing w/ barbies.  Their hair and all that.  However, for some reason all our Barbies are naked.  No clothes to be found.  (thankfully, Santa just gave her a clothed Barbie for Christmas).  Now, Barbie had clothes but for some reason gone.  I'm guessing in the shuffling of the rooms but who cares really. 

Summer was so excited to show me her Barbies.  I asked her where the clothes were and she said all gone.  Not quite sure what to make of barbie being tied up w/ the hair bands.  Summer has since asked Santa for Barbie doll clothes.  Good choice dear!  

See, they're just happy to be playing with Barbie and Ken.  No clue why everyone else is laughing.  No clue whatsoever.  Just sheer delight in playing w/ their toys.

Umm, Nik we may have to talk a bit later son.  Okay, so they wanted to not lose the Barbies is what Summer told me.  So, they tied them together.  Seriously, what do you say.  In their minds, totally innocent.  Kids are that way you know.

Phew, that's about all I could stand of Barbie.  Our chairs get broken quite a bit.  We repair and re-repair.  Here is Max and Warren working on one together the other day.  We'll probably be painting these chairs in the spring.  Notice they need some touch up for sure.

We have been blessed to meet and get to know so many people this year.  One has been Yana's friend Wes and his family.  They gave us this candle holder as a gift this Christmas along w/ some very delicious goodies.

Yana, trying to pose like the candle.

A closer view of it.  Very nice, huh?  Thought that was sweet of them to do. Again, more pics and stories and such to come.  it's catch up day.  But first, going downstairs and making the mashed potatoes.  We're having ham, peas, corn and mashed potatoes this Christmas Day.  Yum!  Stay tuned for more stories, posts, pictures and Christmas. 

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