Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Another surprise package!

I'm slowly making it through posts.  Hey, this is post #6 for today so think I'm doing alright.  Next posts will be on Christmas Eve and Christmas (today).  Tomorrow, we plan on doing a few returns and a few errands.  It's supposed to storm so hoping to get a lot done around the house.  We'll be taking Christmas down a bit sooner than usual as we have a busy weekend coming up it would be best just to take it down a little early this year.  Anyhow, back to more posts and packages.  We received another few boxes the other day.

Some packages came in from NJ the other day.

Everyone intently watching Irina opening the boxes.

Lots of oohing and ahhing over the Nutella.  BTW, Nik is filming the whole thing.

They were very happy about 3 big jars of peanut butter but perplexed by the bandaids.  LOL.  And yes, that big package of bandaids has already been opened and used.  

Yes!  Pens.  For some unknown reason, this house can never find a pen.

Maybe he'll be a videographer when he's older. He loves just taking pictures or videos of anything and replaying later on.

All going outside to do what else but pop the bubble wrap.

Summer doing I have no idea what.  She is the one that loves to dip her whole hand in the peanut butter.  We actually have a jar hidden we use for cookies.  That way, we know they're not "contaminated" if we give them to folks.  Remember, Nik's videotaped the peanut butter dipper before.

You think Logan's happy.

Ahh, little peanut butter dipper herself!  She thinks here that she actually gets to keep an entire jar.  

Alyona very pleased with the haul of Nutella.  I made them wait to open up the Nutella.  We had some today, Christmas.

Our next house will most definitely have a bigger pantry.  But, somehow we manage to get it all to work.  Thanks for the most generous gift Ms. Heather!  I can tell you all items have already been opened.  LOL.  The kids really did enjoy all the surprise packages this year.  Lots of smiles.  I still love the toilet paper and the expressions when they opened it.  Too funny.  Got to go.  More to do.

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