Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another box arrives

These posts may be scattered a bit b/c I'm still playing catch up.  Last week, we received some more boxes. 

Irina getting ready to open the boxes.

Irina opened what they all considered as good as gold.  Nutella.  Nik is video taping the whole event.

They're all anxiously awaiting to see what else is in that box.

Bandaids, very useful in this house, and 3 jars of peanut butter.  Bojan loved this part.  

The videographer.

And a part they all love.  I won't let them do it in the house any more as it scares the dogs.  They pop the packaging.

Summer, doing her own bit of organizing.

I think Logan likes the Nutella and pens.  He's also sporting road rash from that bike.

Thank goodness NONE of ours have peanut allergies or we'd be in real trouble.

Poor child thinks she's keeping these.  LOL.

Putting it away in the pantry.  If we ever get a new home, it will have a much, much larger pantry.  Put it this way, my kids would be experts at stuffing clowns in a car for the circus.  Thanks for all the creative gifts this Christmas Heather.  We really enjoyed all the surprises.  

Need to get to bed.  Irina's birthday is tomorrow.  Can hardly believe it.  More on that later.  Enjoy your evening everyone. 

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