Friday, December 7, 2012

An 'appealing' gift

Forgive me folks but I have been behind on posts.  I'll catch up this weekend for sure.  Yeh, right.  I say that all the time.  Well, I'll at least give it a shot though.  A few days ago, my sister Heather & her husband Kevin sent us a Christmas gift.  We absolutely LOVED it! 

Nik and Summer wondering what this thing does.

Look at this thing!  It's hefty duty for my kids too.  LOL.

In addition, a beautiful pie plate.

Nice red color and very well made.

Our resident handyman showing everyone how this works.  They've been using it everyday since we got it.  We may just have to go back to the apple orchard.  

This is the pie plate we bought when we went to Seagrove Pottery over Labor Day Weekend.  It was to replace the one we'd had for 15 years that we got at our wedding.  Both plates went into the oven.

See, the plate Heather bought came w/ a Taco Pie recipe.  Delicious and the kids insist I make it again.  Simple yet a huge hit!  Thanks a bunch Aunt Heather & Uncle Kevin.  We all love it to be sure. 


  1. Taco pie? I've never heard of that. Hopefully I can google that! Love reading your posts!

  2. Looks great! Recipe please!! Michele