Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ah, the day after

Today was non-eventful thank goodness.  Warren was very under the weather last night but fine now.  Don't need anyone sick that's for sure.  Knock on wood, our family tends to fair fairly well during the flu season and winter illnesses that go around.  I say it's that natural orphanage immunity.  They were exposed to everything when younger.  Now, I have probably just jinxed the entire thing, huh?  Anyhow, Warren and I dropped off some clothes, returned a few items, went to the bank to find out it was closed, and got stamps.  Boring but needed to get a few errands done.  Now, thinking of going to Staples to return ink cartridges for $$ (do this every month), Best Buy to return 2 HDMI cables that were not needed, and go to Target to pick up a gift card for a present.  Nothing exciting for sure but we do need non-excitement at this point. 

Kids have done fairly well today considering it's been pouring down rain outside all day.  Watching movies, playing the Wii, playing with the Karaoke machine (what was I thinking!), sleeping and just basically vegging out.  Tomorrow is Irina's birthday.  We're going out for Chinese food for her tomorrow at her request.  Can't believe she'll be 20 yo tomorrow.  That's crazy!  Tonight, we're just making spaghetti w/ homemade marinara sauce.  Simple day today.  Again, we needed that.  Friday, we'll probably take down some Christmas things as our weekend is a bit busy.  Want to make sure things are done ahead of time.  Tomorrow also starts the garage clean up and out.  Contractor will have our plans ready maybe tomorrow or the next day.  Very excited as you can imagine.  The girls will have a room again!  Just to let those know who don't think they have the room to adopt, somehow, some way, you always make more room.  When we moved here, this house was 1900 sq. ft.  I think it's around 3100 currently.  Not sure.  Every time we've needed more room, we have some how found a way to make it work.  Don't let the house situation stop you from adoption.  Trust me, I've heard people say that before.  People also think that b/c we have ten kids we most have some mini mansion.  No, we don't.  It's comfortable to us and more than that, is home to us.  BTW, when we first thought of adoption, Warren and I lived in a 1200 sq. ft. home.  I've heard many reasons why folks can't adopt.  I can almost guarantee you the size of your home is not one of them.  Just my two cents. 

Well, should get going.  I'll do a few more posts this evening I do believe.  Didn't realize I did 10 posts yesterday.  Thankfully, I used to be a secretary.  Typing is second nature.  LOL.  Hope everyone had a relaxing day after Christmas.  Next up, Irina's birthday, then New Years (we never go anywhere), then school starts back up.  Enjoy your week.

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