Saturday, December 15, 2012

A practical Christmas list

I asked my kids to tell me what they want for Christmas and know I've shared that.  I thought it would be fun to share what I think our family should get for Christmas.  A more practical wish list so to speak.  I'm sure my kids would be thoroughly disappointed but I think it would be awesome to wake up Christmas morning to some of these.

Toilet paper.  Why, because for some reason, it always runs out around here.

A nice tool kit as we have 6 FASers.  Things get broken around here all....the...time.  And, they've broken or lost most of the tools anyhow.

Shoes for all the kids.  You'd be shocked at how they're always outgrowing shoes.

Copy paper.  With homeschooling, we go through a ton of reams of paper.

Nutella.  Okay, so this is just thrown in here for kicks.  Though, I can just imagine if we got a pile of Nutella for them.

Cereal as mine never eat cereal.  At almost $4 a box, it's just not practical.  But, they'd think it was a cool gift.

A gas card.  I don't think my kids realize it does take gas to go places and a big van isn't the most fuel efficient.  That's for sure.

Camping World card.  Why?  So my kids realize it isn't magic that makes the rv run and go places with them. 

4 rakes.  We currently have 1 rake and let's just say the sharing thing doesn't work too well.

A new trash can for outside. For some reason, my kids seem to think it is automatic as they never lift the lid.  URGHH!!!  They'll just lay it by the can.

Socks.  I swear someone steals them around here.  Every size, every kind. 

Headphones.  For some reason, they all break.  It's nuts! 

Bandaids.  Need I say more??  LOL

Pens.  I can never find one around here.  I swear the high schoolers must take them all to school.  For what purpose, I'll never know.  Not like I don't give them any.

Patience.  Yep, everyone can use some of this stuff.

Free pass to a repairman.  Doesn't matter what type of repairman b/c frankly, living w/ 6 FASers, you'll meet them all.  Guaranteed.  Let's see, we've seen the septic man, plumber, glass man, and can't remember who else just in this year.

So, do you think if Santa brought some of this practical wish list that the kids would revolt and hike it to the North Pole?  Not sure.  I don't know.  I may have to at least do the socks and bandaids.  Now where oh where could I find patience to dole out?  Oh well, a parent can dream of a more practical list, right?  Still though, I am fairly surprised at their lists.  Nothing crazy, nothing long.  Now, to get some Christmas shopping done soon. 

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  1. Had to laugh about the Nutella. We are fans here, too, and my mom keeps us in good supply. Our oldest nephew had Nutella on his wish list, so this year all the nephews got a giant jar of Nutella from Germany as part of their Christmas present. It was a big hit and they all tried to think of ways to mark their jars to avoid stealing. Trust me, I grew up with a sister who was the biggest Nutella thief ever, there is no way to protect this stuff from someone who really wants to dig into it with a spoon.