Monday, December 31, 2012

8 years ago this month

Has it been that long since we went to Stavropol, Russia?  Yes, it has.  It was a long, rough, surprising journey but we made it.  I know not everyone knows the corruption we encountered in this region or the unbelieveable things that happened to us but trust me, you couldn't make that stuff up.  Long story short.  We hosted Yana, Zhenya, & Alex in summer of 2003.  Applied to the agency the 1st of August to start the process.  Started it the day after I put them in the van to go back to Russia.  Was expecting to travel in October.  Bam!  They never put Yana on the Russian database.  Umm, you MUST do that in order to make them available for international adoption.  So, we wait.  Told us to go ahead and get Alex in December.  I refused.  We couldn't afford it & somehow knew we had to get both together or they'd never let us take Yana.  Call it instinct.  Gut feeling.  Whatever.  I just knew.  Said we get them BOTH or not at all.  More and more paperwork.  To the tune of $4K extra!  That much paperwork.  It was insane.  You wanted to throw in the towel.  Yet knew you couldn't.  Two kids were waiting for us.  Children #3 and #4 for us.  Long story short...we got the kids home in May.  Thought I'd share a few pics from the trip.  And from home of course.  You can read the story of this adoption on the blog.  I'll have to find the link tonight.  For now, some pictures.

Alex and I in the playroom.  He was 3yo. 

Yana w/ Warren.  She was 8.5.  Does she look "sick" to you??  She was in an isolation ward btw.  URGHH!!!

Yana w/ her group.  They were a close group of girls that really looked out for each other.  Her best fried was in the red outfit.  

Alex and Yana goofing off in our apartment in Moscow.

The view from our apartment.  I think the yellow building was the Spainish Embassy if I recall right.

Waiting at the airport.

Waiting at another airport.  I think this one was in the US.  Not sure.  I just know that damn elephant caused us more issues than anything else on that stupid trip.  They were ready to cavity search the elephant.  Was ridiculous after awhile.  We all took it in stride though.  These two were fairly easy to deal w/ on the plane ride home.  I know most people put their kids in cool outfits, etc. when they come home.  Me, I'm happy they're dressed and picked out their own clothes. 

Okay, started this post back in May.  LOL.  I guess I can copy and paste here as well what I wrote on the forum boards so many years ago.  Here ya go: 

URGHH!!!  Can't get it to copy.  Maybe later I"ll try again. 

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