Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What a week!

Okay, so this too will be short as this week is pretty crazy already.  I know I've been absent a bit.  Honestly, I haven't had a second this week.  There is tons going on here at Chaos Manor and not all of it is able to post stuff.  In time, yes.  Here goes a few things.  Yesterday, someone hacked into our bank account and started charging.  Yep.  Warren just happen to look at it.  Notified bank, cancelled my card.  Have to file something to dispute the charges.  Happy holidays. 

Kids have been going nuts for whatever reason this week.  Part of it is coming off a holiday week.  Part of it is my parents coming to town this weekend.  Part of it is excitement of the upcoming weekend.  Part of it is the full moon.  And so much more going on.  It's an FAS thing.  I know it.  This too shall pass.  We go through cycles w/ FAS/ RAD.  No biggie. 

So, today kids did homeschool obviously.  We're studying astronomy so they got to look at the stars and the moon this evening.  Was nice.  Warren went to get a free mattress for our bed.  Awesome as ours was worn and torn.  Someone brought us dinner tonight as a relative of theirs does catering and had a ton of leftovers.  It was just what we needed.  Another friend brought the kids a bunch of board games.  They LOVE them and have really enjoyed playing battleship this afternoon and a Cat in the Hat game.  Nice.  Another friend brought some clothes for the older boys which is a huge help.  Especially, after what we discovered today.  See, we refi'd back in October.  Taxes get paid every August, no big deal.  Except this time, the company did NOT pay the August taxes.  You guessed it.  We now have a tax bill of over $1700 just in time for Christmas.  Again, Happy Holidays folks. 

I've been busy the past few days trying to straighten out messes.  Get things organized and reorganized.  Prep for a party on Saturday here.  Try to finish painting the boys' new room.  Contractors have been here to give bids for various rooms.  After the surprise tax bill, doubt those built-ins will happen which is okay.  Do want to do Yana's bed though.  We'll see.  Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised.  Trying to do Christmas shopping and the thousand other things that need to get done.  Being swamped has left for a neglected blog.  However, we're on the upswing now.   I've also been getting back on the get in shape wagon and sticking to it.  It's baby steps but we're getting there.  3 lbs. lost thus far over the last few days so can't be doing too bad.  LOL.  Maybe it's all the work that we've been doing w/ these rooms.  Who knows.  Things are slowly getting back to normal around here.  We're getting things done one by one.  Kids and I worked on the yard today.  Just felt great to be outside working as the weather is gorgeous here.  I'll catch up on this blog soon.  Probably tomorrow is when things will settle around here.  We have a fantastic weekend ahead of us and looking very forward to it.  For now, getting through the week.  More pictures for sure soon as well as posts.  Just been a few days where one thing after another has happened.  Fortunately, we're all healthy.  Summer had a cold she's passed onto me but luckily, it's just a cold.  Hope everyone is doing great.  Now for some real posts soon.  LOL. 

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