Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What we CRAVE

It's that time of month again when we get our CRAVEBOX in the mail.  It is a subscription box for $10 that always has more value than that in it.  We've tried others but this one still remains our favorite.  So, when we got back from Great Wolf Lodge, one was waiting for us. 

Our pile of mail waiting to be opened.  Kids get excited when they see a CRAVEBOX.  Secretly, they all hope it contains Nutella or chocolate.  

Always wrapped so nicely until my kids get a hold of it.  This was our Thanksgiving Box one.  

Reni and Summer posing w/ the stash.  

A closer view of all our goodies.  Those Brookside dark chocolate pomegranate things are beyond delicious.  Oh my.  I'm hooked.  Now, need to know where to buy those things.  Great stuff.  the green beans are the same ones we buy sothat was nice.  Turkey gravy was easy and good.  Frosting I haven't used as I make homemade frosting but nice to have in the rv for quick icing need.  Those grands bisquits were the best.  We try not to buy a whole lot of frozen stuff so nice to get them once in awhile.  I have not tried the Knorr stock yet but do use that in soups so will be nice to try a new brand.  

All in all, great box.  We loved everythign we got and will use it.  We are getting a special edition coffee lovers box.  I got it for Warren and the kids.  I hate coffee.  I'm more a tea person. 


  1. You were so enthusiastic about Crave boxes that I have signed up. Liked the Thanksgiving box and am waiting for the coffee lovers. Thanks

  2. The Knorr stock is absolutely AMAZING! I get CRAVE as well! :)