Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vacation from Santa-- Great Wolf Lodge (part I)

As many know, we left on Sunday for Great Wolf Lodge in NC.  Santa brought the gift early for the kids. 

Everything about this place is big.  Just big.

This is only part of the lodge.  I mean, the place is HUGE!  Just massive and has a lodge feel everywhere.  Perfect this time of year.  BTW, kids screamed when they saw it from the highway.  

Took us just 2 carts and a few hands to carry all our stuff in.  Not bad.  My kids over the last few months have gotten very good at packing.  Well, to a point.  More on what all happened later.  Well, why not now.  going to a water park and Max forgets....his bathing suit!  

 I wished I had a better shot than this.  It's just the wood beams and the atmosphere says lodge and very welcoming.  Everything about it becomes relaxing as soon as you step inside.

Just so much to see.  I went in to check in while they all waited in the car.  I got to the counter and to my surprise, some friends from Raleigh left a gift certificate for us to enjoy while there.  I will tell you all exactly what we did with it later.  It was a total surprise.  I wished I could tell them thank you but all it said was friends from Raleigh.  

 This is a very detailed hotel to keeping the atmosphere.  Low lighting, wood everywhere and lots of wolves and moose. 

We had two rooms.  This was a picture of the girls' room.  Plenty of space. 

Yes, we made it our mini kitchen.

After we checked in and got settled, we went to explore.  I went w/ Summer, Irina and Reni to get 2 of their b-day presents taken care of.  Something I thought they'd enjoy.

Reni got to go first and it was a belated birthday present for her.  Very belated.  Long story with that one.  

Reni really got into it.  Remember, she's only known English for a year so got really stumped on what a wish was.  I told her and she then closed her eyes and thought really, really hard.  I have no idea what she wished for but must have been something special.  They both picked blue stars for their wishing stars.

They get to stuff the animal.  Both picked a wolf.  Reni's was very soft.  

 Summer waiting while Reni was stuffing her animal. 

 Reni, very proud of her finished product.

Summer, pushing the pedal to make the stuffing go in.  She thought this was so funny.

Summer, putting her wish in.  

 Ahh, love at first hug. 

Summer in front of the candy shop with her new wolf.  All smiles and this was just the first stop for the evening!

Reni, with her Wolf.  The smells just permeate from this store btw.  And we were right around the corner.  LOL.  

Irina also wanted a turn in front of the bear.  Many folks take pictures with this bear.  I can see why.  Perfect spot.

This is Reni and Summer posing with their boxes.  I have a picture for later that actually shows the whole animal.  But, this was their "home."  I can not tell you just how much they love these things.  Sleep with them too.  Got to remember, in Bulgaria they didn't get presents too often and get to make them as well.  Just was a nice treat.  And, I thought maybe there'd be some jealousy but there was none.  Shocker, I know.  But, I think the rest understood.  All my kids have gotten to do build A Bear at some point.  Was nice that these two could experience it as well even if on a smaller scale then the big mall.  Trust me, with all the stimulation, it needed to be a smaller scale.  More on all that later.  This is just the very first part of the trip.  Next post, arcade time.  The fun did not stop all weekend long.

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