Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today-- a quick bit

Make it quick as homeschoolers are studying Thanksgiving.  Alright, I had my mammogram today.  I'll get the results in a few days.  Should be fine.  At the same time, Max had his ortho follow up.  Great news!  NO surgery.  Wahoo!!!  Surgeon still thinks there has to be a tear somewhere but since the MRA did not show it, no surgery.  However, this now means Max can not lift over his head and can not carry any heavy weight.  A bit of therapy a few times a day.  Great no surgery but his chances now are much higher of something going very wrong.    Time will tell.

Lots going on behind the scenes and I am working on other posts as well.  Can't wait till you hear of the transformations that have taken place over the past year.  Really is amazing.  May take the kids out for pizza for lunch.  Free pizzas from the Book It program. 

Yep, I got sidetracked.  Did end up picking up the pizzas.  Yum.  Nice on a rainy day and great incentive for reading for them.  Well, Max, Bojan and Dad go to pick up the pool table this evening.  It is their Christmas present.  They do realize they are getting this nad the beds & nothing but a stocking for Christmas.  See, I truly can't hide those big items and they both really, really needed new beds.  And, they liked helping pick stuff out.  At 17 & 13 they are past Santa days.  They are going along w/ the note I'm attaching this evening to the pool table though saying it was too big to fit in Santa's sleigh. 

Thanksgiving is next week.  So hard to believe.  Big move around is happening too.  Max & Bojan, two oldest boys, will once again have their own room to share.  One of the bonus rooms.  It's currently pink so painting it gray.  They want an industrial/ game room look so that's what they're getting.  Going to be very cool I think.  Painting during Thanksgiving.  The girls will be moving out.  Don't worry, have it all covered.  They can't wait b/c their new room, which we have to paint and float a floor in, will be a tad bigger I think.  We will be utilizing height and hopefully building some really cool built ins I found on Pinterest.  They'll be room for 4 to 6 girls.  Shh.  LOL.  We tend to have guests and geez, we thought it ridiculous to have so much room when we moved in here w/ 2 kids, in process of getting 2 more.  10 kids later, not ridiculous.  We already have the fence posts up.  Just a few more to go which will be put up the next day or two.  Then, Saturday quite a few panels are going up!  So, definitely getting it all done and to the point we like it.  Time will tell what the future brings.  You just never know.  We've learned not to predict anything.  Just go with the flow. 

More transformation posts, medicals, etc.  once  dinner is done and homeschool.  We'll do one last weather review and onto the solar system tomorrow.  Really spending a lot of time on that as there is so much to cover.  May go to the planetarium if it's not an arm and a leg to go.  More later. 

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