Thursday, November 29, 2012


 I know I didn't really do much of a post on this.  It was because it was so low key.  Plus, our Thanksgiving week was a massive work week here.  Massive.  Rearranging everything, clearing clutter, etc.  The whole 9 yards.  But for Thanksgiving, we kept it just us and one of the girls' friends.  She btw, is nicked named our "11th child."  She's also been our "8th" child, "6th" child, and I think even "5th child" over the years.  We love her and will hate to see her go if she ever moves or if we ever move. 

See, very low key.  No fancy dishes out, no fancy feast, no getting dressed up, etc.  Just kept it very simple.  I even think some may be in their pajamas but not sure.  

Had a great meal of turkey and all the fixings.  They all ate it up and enjoyed it.  We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and really want to go one of these years.  Never know.  

Lauren's mom brought over the BEST cheesecake ever!  Was the first time I ever had sweet potato cheesecake.  It was heavenly.  See, she used to make these for a living.  They are requested many times by her friends now even though she does something else for a living now.  This was simply one of these desserts you would request if you were on death row.  No lie.  She is so sweet because she'll make cheesecakes here and there.  Never ever had a bad one.

After filling up on dessert, we went to work moving the older boys out of the room they've been sharing.  Overall, just a relaxing Thanksgiving.  

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