Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some down time

Well, not really.  LOL.  Quick note to say no blog for a few days.  When we go on vacations or short getaways, we like to be unplugged and just really focus on the fun at hand w/ the family.  Santa brought an early gift and we are headed shortly to Great Wolf Lodge in NC!  We can not wait.  We've always wanted to go & this was a great opportunity.  (thank you Groupon).  I've heard great things about this place.  So, looking very forward to it.  My friend even stopped by for a surprise visit and a special gift.  5 Magiquest wands and money to play the game!  Very grateful.  See, the one thing about Great Wolf that's hard is that every single little thing is extra.  The water park is included but that's about it.  So whatever the kids want to see and do, we need to limit as I'm told it would add up too quickly.  Shoot, I was stunned to see dinner at $20 a person!  Don't worry, we packed lunches, dinners and snacks already.  The fantastic news is we get to enjoy the water park all day long and story time fun.  And now, the boys get to enjoy Magiquest which I heard is cool.  Reni and Summer will get their b-day presents too.  Reni's is super duper late and there's a story w/ that.  So, decided to take her and Summer to the build a bear place they have on site.  Compared it to the prices of the actual build a bear and comes out about the same.  Asked Irina if she wanted a spa treatment as a b-day present & she said no.  Secretly, I was hoping she'd say yes so I could go too.  LOL.  We're ready to go have so fun.  Be back in a few days.  Have a wonderful week everyone. 

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