Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Halloween Day (part 1)

Yesterday was hard as you can imagine.  They're all muddling along.  The house is so quiet.  There's no barking.  None.  We miss his bark immensely believe it or not.  Even w/ twelve of us in here, it's too quiet.   But, life must go on. And today it did.  Max had his MRA at the hospital this morning.  Results are next week. 

Warren and I had appointments.  Just regular checkups.  Warned the doc that my bp would be high just due to the amount of stress the last 2 weeks.  She believed me when we got a call in the middle of our appointment.  Sure enough, it was Irina calling to tell us something.

Nik and Logan were playing ball.  Van window was the unintended target.  Being repaired tomorrow.  No, no stress doc.  LOL.  I told her I haven't slept for days, I can't breathe, etc.  Apparently, I have a sinus infection.  Truly, I thought I could shake it on my own.  Doc said I've suffered enough.  So, bring on the drugs.  I'm on a ten day course.  She also suggested Benedryl at night so I can get knocked out.  We got routine blood draws and she scheduled my mammogram.  Haven't had one for 3 years since I had a lump removed.  So that will be in the near future.  Not worried at all.  Just routine.  We were going to get Tdap boosters w/ whopping cough but apparently they're out.  So, that's on the books for whenever they come in.  

After doc, came home, inspected window.  Yep, broken.  So, called our glass company & got that lined up for tomorrow.  And yes, we do have our own glass company we've used MORE than once.  More on them later.  They do deserve their own post.  Anyhow, went to run to Staples real quick to turn in ink cartridges and check on the printer that was ordered.  Took Summer and Nik with us so that they wouldn't be in the way.  Told everyone we'd be right back so they could go to the party.  

As we're getting ready to turn into the shopping center, BAM!  Accident right in front of us.  Told the doc I wasn't kidding.  It was a bad one.  I ran out to help along w/ another lady.  Tried to help the victims as it was pretty rough.  911 was called immediately by many and help arrived quickly.  Way to go Garner FD and EMS!  We were of course witnesses b/c we were directly behind the car that got hit.  Air bags deployed and the whole 9 yards.  Jaws of life used,e tc.   Thank goodness no one there understood sign b/c when the other lady & I covered up the girl that collapsed from shock, Nik asked if she was dead.  Nice one kid.   Summer and Nik handled it very well.  Needless to say, we were on our way not too long after but a bit late.  

So, dinner was not happening due to accident.  I made homemade red bliss potatoes.  Yum.  Warren did something we NEVER do.  Now, we know why as we literally haven't been to KFC for maybe 6 or 7 years.  Put it this way, no one can even remember going.  See, teens were eating at a party this evening.  So thought we could get a quick bite before getting kids ready for trick or treating.  Ha!  It is what it is.  Things happen.  Ate dinner real quick and then got ready.  

More on Halloween evening tomorrow.  For now, must sleep.  I hope.  Meds need to kick in soon.  Up note, great time trick or treating.  Wasn't w/out it's mishaps of course.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.  I'm beat.  Good night.

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