Friday, November 16, 2012

Merry Christmas Early Max & Bojan!

Okay, so we have decided to do group gifts this year for the kids' new rooms.  You know, when we rearrange them around.  This whole process of the changing of the rooms starts next week.  Yeh, no rest here on Thanksgiving that's for sure.  So, I am Christmas shopping for group gifts for the rooms.  As you all know, all the kids have needed new mattresses for quite some time.  Just something you really try not to buy used if you can help it.  :)  (well, unless you know who it's coming from).  So, that brings us to early Christmas for two of our kids. 

These arrived today via UPS as they were too big for Santa's sleigh and the load would be too heavy Christmas Eve.  Not to mention w/ the changing of the rooms, there is NO place to hide it.  I've already got the rv as a stashing ground but think they're catching on.  LOL.

Max was SO ready to get that old bed out of the way that he went right to work even if still in the old room.

It really is cool all the positions it can go in.  Here he was putting on the legs.

our resident handyman at work.  We can't put up Bojan's till they are in the new room as Bojan's current bed is part of Nik's bunk.  

Reni and Alyona testing out Max's new futon bed.  They approve.  

Max approves of it too!.  He and Bojan got one each.  The new room is being painted grey.  Black and red accents and an industrial look.  

Yeh, he'll hate me for this one but that's what happens when you fall asleep.  You're fair game for pictures.  We also found a rocking/ bean bag chair off Craigslist to complete the room look.  ALL the kids want one now as apparently it is one of the most comfortable chairs we've ever owned.  I'll have to one day take a shot w/ no one in it.  This too will go in their new room.  (which is currently the younger girls room and very, very pink.)

Santa also made another delivery to Max and Bojan.  This one was attached w/ a note explaining that the sleigh just could not fit a pool table. (not to mention Craigslist people don't wait.  LOL).  Don't worry though, Max & Bojan were very happy to accept this early gift.  Summer is tryign to figure out this game.

 As you can see, currently in the girls' room which next week becomes Max and Bojan's room.  This is not where the table will stay.  It must be moved to another part of the room that currently has the girls' bunks in it.  Lost yet?  LOL. 

Yep, she's a shark.  We shortened the sticks for obvious reasons.  You know, like the window behind her.

Alex helping Summer to shoot.  Nik is a regular.  I think this will be used by way more than Max and Bojan.

Speech therapist even had her session up here.  Actually, we were getting Nik to interact and it was working!  

So, Christmas is pretty much done for the 2 oldest boys and they are very much understanding all they'll get Christmas Day is a stocking.  They really LOVE the gifts they received and are very appreciative Christmas came early.  Also, beyond happy that next week they will be in a room to themselves (Max and Bojan) and not have to share w/ the younger brothers who sometimes can be a thorn in their sides.  There was just WAY too much testosterone for one room.  Bonus room or not, not big enough to contain the "maleness" in there.  So, next week lots of painting going on.  We also hvae a friend coming to measure for the younger boys built-in beds next week.  IF we can do it for the same price or cheaper than new beds (b/c they are such need of new ones), then we will be doing built-ins.  Having built-ins truly would give them optimal space.  We are for sure doing built-ins for the girls' new room.  

So, how many of you think we can go to Great Wolf Lodge, paint the bonus room, move the boys all around, put up the fence all in ONE week???  We are going for it!  We already told the kids next week is a work week for us.  They do understand and all really, really want to help b/c it means more room and a bit more freedom for everyone.  We'll take it!  If anyone comes by next week, after Tuesday, and asks to help, to be sure we're not turning you down. 

Tomorrow we'll be helping out at the church for a few hours to help serve meals to the community.  I know they think we abandoned services there.  Just consider it a few month hiatus.  I know, that's horrible.  We went to VBS, volunteered all day at a fundraiser, helped out w/ Thanksgiving(tomorrow), went to some of the church clubs but haven't been to service in so long. We truly want to go back.  We miss it.  We do.  So, going next week.  Can't go this Sunday as we're leaving.  Hoping they'll invite us back!  We miss the familiar faces so much.  

Anyhow, going to church to help out for a few hours, hauling off trash, picking up a Craigslist item, packing, making a few meals for the trip, cleaning house, etc.  Hope you all have a relaxing weekend and enjoy it.  I'm sure we will! 


  1. I sure do wish we lived closer to you! I'd come and help out in a heartbeat :) Your family is amazing, and I love seeing the changes and growth through the blog. Thank you for posting!

  2. Wow! You've done a great job so far! I love it!

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