Monday, November 12, 2012

Manic Monday

And that it is.  Kids are home from school yet homeschoolers are having school today.  Bojan and Max are working on finishing up the fence posts w/ the auger we borrowed.  Does the trick for sure.  Should have them all finished up today.  Have to call the uloco people but not doing that until later.  Only one part & it takes them about 2 days to come out and mark the lines.  Kids are studying Thanksgiving this week and the history of it.  Neat little bit for sure.  So, doing a quick Manic Monday post so I can get back to work.

  • No school for kids today
  • School for homeschoolers
  • Max's ortho appointment tomorrow
  • Scheduling Max's surgery soon
  • Max is still trying to over do it
  • My mammogram is tomorrow.  Hoping for no lumps this go around.  Those suck!  LOL.  Been a few years since the last ones so hoping for good news this week.
  • Calling uloco people for line marking
  • Calling zoo for mistakes on card admittance
  • Working w/ Max on math
  • Bojan still doing band
  • Max and Bojan have been working on fence posts today
  • Studying Thanksgiving in homeschool this week
  • Ready for our big trip this coming weekend
  • Going to Great Wolf Lodge!!!  Wahoo!!!  Kids still don't know.  Wrapping up a big box and giving it to them Saturday.  We leave Sunday.
  • Just going to be us apparently for Thanksgiving
  • Painting the boys' room over Thanksgiving and moving them in it
  • Girls will temporarily be displaced to another room
  • boys broke the mailbox over the weekend.  It's fixed now
  • house is a mess
  • working on Christmas shopping from home
  • planning a cookies and cocoa at the house in December for friends 
  • trying to take pics of stuff to sell
  • Bought Reni a spare pair of glasses
  • I'm tired today and can 't take a nap w/ everyone home
  • looking forward to my anniversary get away
  • still miss Kota
  • Digby needs a bath
  • RV really needs washing on the outside
  • Max & Bojan are getting an early Christmas gift from Santa.  They KNOW Christmas morning they will just have stocking and nick nak stuff.  There was no way to hide....a pool table!  I let Max and Bojan pick it out (Craigslist).  They both agreed on one & more importantly, me a price.  It will be picked up this week, maybe tomorrow.  Bojan & Max can't wait to hang out w/ friends in their new room, with a pool table.  Made their Christmas.  Phew, 2 down, 8 to go.  LOL.  
  • Max & Bojan also got a new chair for their room as well
  • Love Craigslist
  • Still looking for recipes for dishwasher detergent
  • We have learned to make many products homemade now and love it
  • Working on learning how to make bread.  Need a good recipe
  • Going to finish up more posts soon on the difference a year makes!
More going on but that's the gist of it.  Now, time for me to mail in some rebates and organize other stuff.  Write more posts after dinner I think.  Nice day here to get work done.

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  1. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in July, and had SO SO much fun!! My 3 year old keeps asking to go back. :(. Only thing is, there's a treasure hunt type thing inside the lodge and the wands cost money. I only bought one wand and made my girls share it. That was the only drawback.