Monday, November 5, 2012

Manic Monday

We're back!  It was great having even just a little break.  And for $28 for the whole weekend, not bad.  LOL.  Lots to do as usual today.  I've had to do a ton of scheduling and rescheduling.  But, worth it.  I'll do some real posts later when I have more time & not school stuff going on.  So, a quick tid bit of what's happening around here.

  • Went away for the weekend camping
  • Bojan erased all my pictures from trip (URGHH!!!)
  • Dogs are doing okay.  Alaska misses Kota
  • It's SO quiet w/out King Kota
  • Nik's face looks like he was in a bar brawl
  • Scheduled air duct cleaning from Groupon
  • Rescheduled Max's ortho from today to next week
  • Need to reschedule mammogram as I have an IEP tomorrow
  • Irina is making chocolate chip cookies.  Yum.
  • Speech therapy is today
  • Warren is picking up a mattress today
  • Tomorrow we vote!
  • Tomorrow is an IEP for Max
  • Church clubs this week
  • Scheduling next year's Halloween camping trip
  • Helping to organize a family reunion for this year
  • Looking for super deals for Christmas on Craigslist
  • Plumber coming today
  • Water everywhere from washer
  • Fridge is going
  • Warren's car needs repair
  • Need to finish that fence of ours so we can move stuff into the shed & reorganize rooms
  • This weekend is a total work weekend for us all
  • Anyone want to help out this weekend??  We'll provide the food.  
  • C-MOW (our rv) needs cleaning out
  • Van needs an oil change
  • Teen girls lost their ipod privileges
  • Boys are still grounded
  • Summer had a rough weekend
  • Antibiotics are finally kicking in for me
  • House is a mess
  • Thanksgiving may not be as big as originally thought (know this week)
  • Waiting for the election to be over
  • Loving the cool weather
  • Lots on my mind
  • No washer sucks
  • Our Halloween decorations are still up.  Just a bit redneck folks.  LOL.
  • Ready for some Christmas spirit
  • Warren & I are still going on an anniversary vacation to Myrtle Beach
Much, much more going on but frankly, I don't have time to write it all.  I owe one person pictures big time.  That's going to take priority as she has a documentary to complete on our family.   More on everything later tonight.  For now, back to some homeschool stuff.  Need to go check some work.  Kids are going outside to play a bit.  They are already asking when we're going camping again. 

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  1. OMG what happened to Nik's face?