Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Interrupt the transformation story.....

for a brief announcement.  Santa came early to the Chaos Manor today.  A package was delivered to Warren's car at work today.  He brought it home (go w/ the story here), and we gathered the bunch in the living room.  Again, sorry for such blurry pictures.  As we speak, Warren is downstairs fixing my nice camera. 

Everyone waiting to see what was in the box from Santa.  Max is mad b/c he just got in trouble.  Love how Summer and Nik are sitting on the chair?  URGHH!!

Warren, opening the mystery box.  

Everyone waiting for Bojan to read the paper.  For some reason, I can't get that picture to load.  Geez, I want my camera back SO badly.  Warren's trying hard to fix it.  So far, no good.  Sigh.  Back to the story though.

The screams went out once they heard the words 'Great Wolf Lodge.'  Well, except when Reni kept screaming What?!  What?!  We forget they had no idea what it even was.  Don't worry, other kids quickly filled them in.  Then, of course they had to watch it all on You Tube.

Still watching in amazement that they're actually getting to go after all these years of wanting to.  Yes, Santa came early and even wrote them a note that this was a big part of their Christmas present.  Hint to all those wanting to go:  Wait for the Groupon!  

We are going to the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC.  It's roughly 3 hours from here.  Taking the van, not the rv as we're in the lodge.  Been getting tips from folks of things to bring.  We definitely can't afford to eat there from what I've been told.  And that's not just b/c we're frugal.  LOL.  So, kids & I after volunteering at the church on Saturday to feed the community, will come home & make potato soup, homemade pizza, and muffins to take with us.  Still can't believe we get to go.  We leave Sunday.  Wahoo!!!  Just had to share the good news. 


  1. Hello! Congrats on the Great Wolf Lodge trip! I have been with my kids a few times, including once with my kids, friends and a wonderful exchange student! So, I have been with kids of all ages basically. They ALL loved it. Every night they would collapse in their beds and sleep soundly with smiles on their faces. I wanted to give you a heads up. You might already know all this, but thought it might help if you didn't. Besides the water park, there is a huge aspect of the Lodge that is the MagiQuest adventure throughout the hotel. If you read up on it, it is a great concept in that it is fun for all ages, it encourages exercise(one quest actually requires you to run from place to place etc), and it is great team building for family members. My older ones teamed up with the younger ones for example. I loved the whole idea, and I wish we had a local castle here in Atlanta. (They do have a whole castle in Pidgeon Forge by the way) But the wands required for this activity are around 20-25 dollars each. I thought maybe you could check out Craiglist, ask friends etc to see if you could find some gently used wands to help with the cost. We take the same wands every time with us, and you are allowed to create new accounts each time so it does not matter what info was previously saved on the wands. Of course, when you have them teamed up they can share wands so you do not need one for each child, but it still adds up. I hope this helps, and I hope you can find at least a few before you go. I hope you all have a wonderful time! :)

  2. Our kids love Great Wolf. We went to the one in Williamsburg last Sunday night with Groupon. Ours included lunch at the pool snack bar. The food isn't very good there so you aren't missing much. In Concord there are a lot of places close to Great Wolf that you can run and get something to eat if you don't want to take a meal. Most times my husband will run out and get subs, pizza, or barbecue for dinner and we just eat in the room. We always take drinks and snacks. Have a great time! I will be shocked if your kids don't love it! One more thing if your kids get cold easy you might want rash guards for them. My girls are always cold even though it is 84 degrees in there. They all have bathing suits with the shirt top or either a rash guard.