Thursday, November 29, 2012

House Happenings

Many things have been happening around here lately.  We're taking things one step at a time though and that's what counts.  I do have a few photos though that can explain a little of what we've been doing around here.  Mostly, lots of reorganizing.  Also, lots of trying to get the kids where they need to be with school.  Making sure everyone is taken care of specialist wise as well.  This weekend, we're having relatives over on Saturday.  Sunday, we also have folks visiting.  I'll also tell you more of what we're doing with the rooms and bed situation.  And, making room for guests.   Over the years we've had folks stay with us here and there.  Will be nice to have a space other than the couch.  So, trying to make that happen w/ the girls' new room.  Anyhow, for now, some pics of what's happening around here.

Are they helping.  No.  Are they supposed to be?  Yes.

See, Irina & I had dropped dozens of sheets, comforters, blankets, etc.  We had NO idea how many we had accumulated.  Going to donate them.  Kids below were supposed to be folding them.  URGHHH!!!  Slackers.

We have a kitchen.  It's a rather large kitchen w/ plenty of counter space.  Yet, this is how my children decide to peel sweet potatoes.  Recently, we receive a whole box as a gift.  Very nice.  And yummy to boot.  Thankfully, we mop the floor but still.  Why do they do this?  May never know.

Max taking apart one of the beds for the big room re-shuffle and reorg.

Anyone see the movie 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid?'  Cheese touch?  Well, this is the banana touch.  Apparently, we'd all forgotten about that lone banana on the top basket.  Totally black.  Logan braved it this time.

This box is only partial of our trash haul.  This box is huge.  It was what the boys' futons came in.  Huge.  It was overflowing w/ trash when we were done w/ the weekend.  The van had all seats out, loaded to the brim and hauled to the dump.  Was not too happy with the boys.  This was out of their room.  Broken, lost, doesn't fit, etc.

4 gallons, ready to be painted in Max & Bojan's room.

Summer got in trouble.  Can you tell?

It's a start Logan.  LOL.  The downfall of living on a wooded lot.  We LOVE trees.  Any kind.  Used to have a row behind that fence.  Neighbor chopped ALL his trees down.  We miss the trees....a lot.  This will cost us a bit more in the summer as it shaded our whole side of the house.  This picture was taken and not all of them are down yet.  It's just different.  Did I mention we miss our trees?  And if you're wondering, that's not our fence.  Pretty, but not ours.  

Max getting ready to show Reni how to sand a desk.  It will then be painted black.

She's a tad sassy lately.  A beach chair find at the Goodwill the other day.  Perfect.  We'll use it for camping too.

If you think just b/c my kids are older I don't have to watch them 24/7, you'd be sorely mistaken.  Found this the other day.  Yes, that IS fire.  URGHH!!!  They told me but we put it on the rocks mom.

Summer and Nik goofing off.

She can smile her way into anything.  She really can.   You should see her w/ the hat on that goes w/ this.

Nik w/ his v-tech innotab.  Summer wants one SO badly.  See, Nik's a germ a phobe.  He is.  doesn't like people touching him either.  I'm one of the only ones in the house that can touch him.  Nik loves this thing & it is indestructible in this home.  We can't afford an ipad or tablet for him though it truly is needed.  He uses one in speech therapy and has come SO far.  Would love for him to keep moving forward.  This has really started him wanting to talk.  I was surprised too.  Would love to have one for both kids.  Right now, not possible but hope to.  Shoot, one day I hope to have an ipad for them to share.  Would work wonders for their speech and developmental delays.  Like I said, Nik uses one in speech a couple days a week.  For now though, we bought him this for his birthday and he uses it every single day.  For a just starting out 'tablet,' this is awesome.  He tries to say the names of animals on here and word searches and such.  It's great.  If any of you ever see one at a consignment shop or yardsale or on sale that I can get for Summer, please let me know.  I let her use it.  But one of her own would be best.  And if anyone has a tablet suggestion that is not hundreds that could download special needs apps, let me know that too.  We did buy a tablet off a refurbish site for $60.  Warren is going to try to get it to work to play some apps for special needs but at this point, not sure it can.  In other words, not holding our breath.  

Found this dog bed at a consignment shop new.  Digby LOVES it.  Always on it now.  If it ever wears out, I'm in trouble.  Trouble is now Alaska wants one.  They both go for the same one.  If anyone sees one like a couch type thing, do let me know.  

Are you really supposed to be sitting down son at the computer while painting the room?  

A work in progress over Thanksgiving break.  From pink to grey. 

More pics and posts but for now, need to get back to astronomy review and math. 

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