Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Day (part 2)

Well, yesterday was Halloween.  Quite the haul for all yet they've consumed 3 big bowls thus far.  I know most parents would scatter it out but found in the past, just best to get the stuff out of here and gone.  Not hard to do when you're splitting it amongst 12 people and their friends as well.  I have some hidden that the kids don't know about yet.  May take it on the trip w/ us.  May not. LOL. 

We were getting costumes on and seeing what we needed to do to make them work.  Nik and his ghost.  All he wanted to be was a ghost.

Summer, just being Summer.  Always has a smile.  This was her before we went and witnessed the accident.

Girls deciding what accessories they wanted w/ their costumes.

 Frankly, I'm not sure what's going on here.  I think it's supposed to be dinner.

Summer, starting to get her costume ready.  Nik not missing a photo op.

The bunch we were taking w/ us trick or treating.

Why I bothered to take a picture of this I'm not sure.

Reni, in her vampire dress.  No make up on yet at this point.

Zombie #1.  Alex was one too but batteries ran out of the camera.

Wonder Woman Alyona.

Irina putting make up on Logan.  Umm, shortly after this we realized he must be allergic to it.

What kind of look is that?!  Don't you just love the clutter counter in the background.

Yana helping Reni get her spider nails on.  These are more of pain than what they're worth.  LOL.  

Now, Logan told Irina how he wanted it painted.  I think he confused zombie w/clown. 

And part of the haul here!  

We dump all the candy out on the table.  Just easier this way then marking it.  All in all, great Halloween.  Well, except for Logan being allergic to the make-up, Yana messing up our house handing out candy, and Summer having to make a pit stop at someone's house.  Other than all that, fine.  Hope you all had fun as well.  Great time was had by all.  Now, we're all in sugar comas today.

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