Sunday, November 25, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge-- part 9 (heading home!)

After all that fun, it was time to go home.  Always great to go home but we sure do miss fun times away as well. 

Getting the last of our stuff out.

A side view of the carved wolves.  

 I wish this wasn't so blurry.  But, it is.  Don't you just love the wolf carvings?

Even the outside is clean!  Very welcoming.  They are all about the details here.

This is only a small part of the lodge.   I mean the thing is just huge.

We all told Logan he looked like a nerd.  LOL.  I know, mean but trust me, he can take it and the kid dishes it out just as much to his sibs.  He has long soccer socks, small shirt and just not the best dressed.  None of us were for that matter.  But, it was neat to see him take some of what he dishes out to the rest of his sibs.  All in fun.

Well, since the deal was so good at Denny's the night before, we went again for breakfast!  We did.  We go two meals for the price we normally pay for one meal.  Plus, those hot breakfast foods really filled us up.  Would have been nice to order hot cocoa or such but all of us always get water when we go out.  Summer learned from her sisters how to mess w/ the straws.  The things some of them teach her.  Geez.

No mom, I'm not tired.

Nik, enjoying his pancakes.  BTW, he ate Irina's after this batch too.

Camera hog has to pose for the camera.  Summer was thrilled they had Dora on one of the tvs.  

Full bellies, exhausted kids, equals a very peaceful ride home.

Almost all were asleep.  Truly a quiet ride home.

We had the best time.  Kids for the most part were well behaved.  Logan had his moments but straightened up.  Only one meltdown from Reni and that was only b/c she was just so incredibly exhausted.  We want to thank Santa for letting us go.  More than that though, the friends who made our trip much more enjoyable.  Jamie allowed us to experience Magiquest which otherwise, we would not have been able to.  Want to thank some Raleigh friends who gave us a gift cert which in turn allowed all our kids to have fun in the arcade, enjoy fudge, and a few other things that otherwise would not have happened.  Was an awesome time had by all.  All of them want to go again.  Me too!  Now, back to more reality posts.

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