Saturday, November 24, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge-- part 8 (more water fun)

After a very long day, we then woke up to get ready to go home.  But first, some wanted to enjoy more of the water park.  Summer, Alyona, Nik, Logan, Alex and Yana were the only ones who wanted to go again.  I think everyone else was just about wiped out.  LOL. 

Reni and I went in to check on everyone and give them a time check.

They look like their batteries are dying down.

But wait, the camera hogs will smile for you!

Just a shot of a small portion of this place.

HOnestly, I think Nik could live in the water like Daredevil(the movie).

Summer did not need a life vest in here but I insisted.  Especially, since Alyona was the one watching her.

Nik, jumping some waves.  Now, what you don't see is when he jumped and landed face down on the concrete underneath.  Ouch!  He had a red face and black and blue eyes.

Another shot just to show you how massive this place is.

Max and Reni just chilling and waiting for the others to be done.

Irina is a bit tired.  Passed out.

Bojan leg was still hurting pretty badly from the fall the day before so he opted to stay in the room and watch some movie.  Relaxing in other words.  

One more post left on Great Wolf Lodge vacation and then a catch up post on a few happenings around here.  Been a very busy weekend.  We are still working non-stop.  Crazy but good.  More soon.  Ready to wrap up our vacation posts. 

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