Saturday, November 24, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge-- part 7 (dinner out)

While in the lodge, I explore all those pamphlets and books they give you on discounts as you just never know. Well, happen to come across one that may work out for our family.  20% off total bill at Denny's if you show your GWL band.  Works for us.  See, we'd had a whole day of playing, running around, etc.  Frankly, all I wanted was a nice juicy burger.  Hot, served to me.  LOL.  We told the kids this would count as our December out to eat deal and all agreed.  And by this time at night, we were all starving so they'd agree to just about anything.  Typically, we'll try to take the kids out once a month.  So off to Denny's it was.

Everyone deciding what they want.

Nik likes the menus you can write all over.  

Yes, this is a sign you have ten kids.  When you go out and could careless how they look.  Just happy they can do things for themselves.  Like hair.  Summer is sporting a pony tail w/ her bangs.  

Older kids showing younger ones devious tricks you can do w/ the straws.

I know you can't really tell from the picture.  Reni, w/ her hand to her head was having a complete meltdown.  Remember, this place is nothing but stimulation.  She just couldn't handle one more thing, even if it was just eating.  Warren was quietly talking to her and she was just physically exhausted.  She quit crying after a bit and enjoyed the meal.   PI kids truly are different w/ things.

Resting when we got back and waiting for Warren to park the car.  We need sturdy furniture in our home like this.  

Nik wanted his picture taken in front of the story tower.

Like brother, like sister.

Though exhausted, Reni was up to a picture too.  Then she crashed in the room.

Like I said, this hotel is all about the details.  Right down to the scounces.  Love it.  

And this tells you how Day 2 went at the lodge.  Summer zonked out w/ her stuffed wolf she made.  They all pretty much passed out after dinner.  Day 3 post coming later today.  We're getting lots done today but so much more to do.  Crazy.  One thing at a time though.  Stay tuned for more. 

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