Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge-- part 5 (Magiquest)

It was after the exploring that we decided to go do the Magiquest adventure.  See, a friend of mine let us borrow 5 wands.  And, gave us money to enjoy the adventure itself!  Very grateful otherwise they would not have had this opportunity. 

 Reni, Summer and Alyona getting ready to go.

Already starting.  

At the store, waiting for them to explain how it all works.  Cool staff!

All kinds of neat things to read about.  

Even Summer wanted to get in on the action.  BTW, people in the lodge walk around all the time in either bathing suits or pajamas.  Kind of cool.

Part of the top of the fireplace w/ wolves.  You can point to all kinds of things.  The bear above a large hallway lights up when you point the wand to it.

I think he's hoping Mom will disappear but it's not happening.

All of them trying to get the picture to light up.

Bojan doing I don't know what.

Irina bought this giant candy apple.

All their displays were just cool to look at.

Could have stayed there all day at the candy shop.

I bought a lb. and a half of fudge.  That was part of our gift card treat we used.  Each of us got a piece of chocolate fudge and mint swirl fudge.  Yummy!  Just another treat that we got to enjoy thanks to the generosity of friends.

Beginnings of a sugar coma.  I did not realize the child had drank about 5 cups of soda and then downed the fudge.  Not kidding either.  Yeh, that was a parenting slip up.  I mean really, who lets their kids drink that much?!

Alex, a bit tired.  And this was before part 2 of the water park.  I think he was just trying to stay awake.

Logan decided he really likes fudge and how come we never buy it.  Umm, a bit too expensive for a family of 12.

And this child would eat a cricket as long as it was covered in chocolate.  

We all really did enjoy that sweet treat and the Magiquest.  Fun stuff.  Next post is on the second part of the water park and what we decided to do that evening.

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