Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge-- part 4 (checking things out)

After a sleepless night for mom and dad, kids were wide-eyed and ready to swim.  Got to love it.  We had muffins and oranges for breakfast.  Then, got the kiddos ready to go to the water park.  Our location of our room was perfect.  Literally right around the corner from the water park and on the first floor.  Awesome location! 

Though I typically don't label the kids, this is necessary w/ a child that's dx'd w/ deafness, autism, FAS and the like.  It's a safe guard more or less.  Plus, after our experience w/ one life guard in another place, this does help folks understand why he's not answering them.  I also wrote in bold letters, CAN SWIM!  I first asked Nik if I could write that he was deaf and he said yes.

 Irina, Alyona and Summer.  And that is a birth mark on Summer's belly, not dirt.  Think they're excited to go on their first swim?  I did not get any pics of the water park in the morning as I was too busy going on stuff w/ them.  Kiddie stuff.  I'm a big chicken for the thrill rides. 

The place is just massive and stays w/ the theme down to the smallest details.

A free lunch came w/ the rooms.  So, pizza it was for lunch along w/ breadsticks and salad.  Delicious salad.  It also came w/ 2 bottles of soda.  We all filled up after spending 3 hours in the water park in the morning.

Just look at the size of that fireplace.  Gorgeous.  After lunch, we explored a bit more in different directions.

 Nik and I went to see how much the Magiquest cost and to see where it was.

Max and Bojan hit the gym for awhile.

A blurry one but just to show you Bojan.  Max was helping to teach him how to use the equipment.  Those two really are inseperable at times.  Well, when they don't drive each other nuts.    We all eventually headed back to the room.  More on what's to come in the next post.  It was really non-stop action. 

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