Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge- part 3 (meeting friends)

Well, we're still on night 1!  After the arcade, we waited to meet friends in the lobby.  That is one thing this blog has done, open up new relationships with other adoptive families around the country/ world!  Love it.  Well, this family lives not far from Great Wolf and offered to bring us pizza for dinner on Sunday evening.  To make it even better, Jacki was bringing her two kiddos w/ her.  One of them from the same orphanage as Summer!  She had just turned 4yo.  So, we waited for them in the lobby at 7.

Waiting patiently for pizza.

Yana.  Still can't believe she's 17yo.

I know it's blurry but took it any way.

No, Alyona is not going to eat that hot pepper.  Bojan, Logan and Max are the ones that like those things.  Yuck.  Pizza was great.  Hit the spot after a long day.

Enjoying some pictures and great conversations.  And remember, we haven't even been to the water park at this point.  Just some good times.

I'm telling you, getting these two kiddos to look at the same time was impossible.  One or the other was always looking the other way.  They did hit it off though, that's for sure.  Yes, my kids do think it would be nice to have a younger one around.  This is Ava.  Also from Kardzhali like Summer!  Isn't she just an absolute doll. 

Everyone getting to know each other.

Waiting for the show to start in front of the massive clock tower.  They have 3 shows.  1 in the morning and 2 at night.  Pretty cool.  

Reni hanging out w/ Yana. 

This is Brady, Ava and their mom Jacki enjoying the show.  I love how everyone is listening so intently.

Warning, you bring your kids to meet mine, they are likely to get spoiled rotten!

Alyona, Ava, Summer and Reni meeting Ms. Violet from the show.  

Logan and Nik meeting Ms. Violet.  Nik was nervous but even let the wolf put her arm around him!  

This is first attempt at a picture.  What better way to celebrate National Adoption month than with a picture of 6 girls adopted from EE!

Next attempt except this time Summer is not looking.  LOL.

Wait, will these two Kurdz kids smile at the same time?

Maybe, one real smile?  Please Summer and Ava.

Umm, yeh.  Not happening.  But, they had fun together so that's what counts.

I didn't get very many pictures of Brady.  He is just super fast!  He is all boy and I can definitely picture him hanging out at our house if they come to visit Raleigh one of these days.  The kids loved him.  Can you tell he loves his new sister???  I mean truly really loves her.  So great to see families formed.

After realizing someone let Summer drink 5 cups of soda earlier, I think it was starting to show.

No, we're NOT taking her home.  Her mom loves her to pieces!  

My kids were saying why can't we have a little one?  Meaning someone younger.  I said ask your dad.  Huge mistake b/c Daddy was currently upstairs since the boys were getting in trouble.  LOL.  

This is the sweet, sweet lady that brought our entire family dinner on Sunday evening.  We finally got to meet in person and she's just as awesome in person as she is on the computer!  And her two little ones are simply fantastic.  I so hope we get to meet in person again soon.  

Wait, another attempt for kids to sit still for a photo op.  Will it happen?

Yeh, not today.  Squirmy worms.

Reni LOVED making the wolf!  Can you tell.

Summer enjoyed hers just as much and still sleeps w/ it.

Such a wonderful way to start off our stay at Great Wolf Lodge.  What a way to go to bed.

Yes, I'd definitely say the first night at Great Wolf Lodge was a success.  Stay tuned for day 2 at Great Wolf. 

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