Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge-- part 2 (arcade)

As I said before, when we arrived at the lodge for check-in, we were handed a gift card.  We have no idea from whom.  Was for $100 and we definitely wanted it to go for FUN for the kids.  Though secretly I thought about going to the spa.  LOL.  Just kidding folks.  So, Warren & I said we'd get $60 worth of tokens and I had a coupon (of course) for more tokens.  All together, each of the ten kids got 29 tokens to play with.  Warren took the boys while I was up w/ the girls doing the stuffed animals.  Then, we joined them in the arcade when we were done.  This was such a new and fun experience for the kids as we never get to go to one of these things.  All were having a great time doing their own thing. 

Max and Bojan played this game forever.  They were really good at it so both held onto their tokens the longest.  

Reni and Nik had the best time on this thing.  Laughing and laughing.  Nik had so much fun, he wanted Summer to join him next.  It moves w/ the movie on the screen, wind blowing and all that stuff.  Really cool.  These are my two 10yo's.  Yeh, after a year, Reni is fearless for the most part.  So willing to try new things.  Night and day.  What a difference a year makes! 

 Summer on a coaster more her speed. 

Yep, she's enjoying herself alright.

Summer enjoying a ride on the carousel.  

 Nik trying the kiddie coaster.  He told me it was for babies.  LOL.

Yana, helping the younger girls cash in their tickets.

Nik told Summer this would be a lot of fun after he told her she'd be scared of it.  Got to love big brothers.  

They both laughed and laughed and laughed on this ride.  Loved it!

Max and Nik riding some motorcycles.  No boys, we're not getting one.

The look of wonder on Summer's face that she actually gets candy for playing games was amazing.  All of them cashed in their tickets.  Now, Logan, the ahem, confident kid he is, decided when he saw the PS3 that he for sure was going to win that one.  LOL.  We tried to tell him you just can't.  Really, doesn't work that way in these places.  He learned quickly.  Hoping one day he believes us a bit faster.  

Irina had gotten some kind of lollipop that did this to her tongue.

Just hanging out by the fireplace.

Alex and Logan already starting to tire out.  And the night is early!  

Just hanging out waiting for our friends to come by and visit for the first time.

Comparing all the candies they got from the arcade and sharing stories of what games they played.  Just relaxing and pleasant.

Max and Bojan just relaxing by the fireplace.  All details of this lodge were awesome.  

So much more to share.  Next post is about another adoptive family that came to visit us.  We could have talked all night.  But alas, not all was great that evening.  Boys started to act up.  Logan especially.  Trust me, Reni has caught on very quickly w/ all our trips this year and what behavior is expected.  Logan still has a ways to go but even Reni is letting him have it when he misbehaves.  More on behavior, meltdowns, how we over came it all and all the fun that transpired despite all those hiccups here and there.  Lots of fun to come. 

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  1. Wow so much fun! As a tech for a big arcade chain in Australia, it's fun to watch how much kids enjoy them selves on some of the rides. Happy to see your kids enjoy redeeming tickets.