Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Camping Trip part 5-- heading home

After sleeping, or not, we were ready for breakfast.  Nothing fancy.  Just cereal, juice and oranges.  Oh, and let's not forget another glass of hot cocoa.  We love hot cocoa.  And, I had extra chocolate chips leftover along w/ marshmallows.  Awesome to have on a very cold morning.

Breakfast time and he's wide awake.  Loves this Innotab.  He got it for his birthday.  You can put learning games on it and pretty much indestructible.  Sucks up batteries but we just use rechargeables for it.  

Bojan and Reni warming up w/ hot cocoa.

Yes, I do believe they need to wake up a bit more.

Reni helping Summer tie her shoes.

Getting ready to break it all down to pack it up.

Putting out the fire. 3 youngest thought it would be cool to restart the fire.  

Working together without fighting which is great.

C-MOW almost packed up.  Kids do great at breaking things down fast & cooperating.

Nik, happy about the fire going out.  

They wanted one more time on the bounce pillow.  We said fine.

Sisters for life.  They've also become closer lately.

Alex and Alyona playing around.

And I wonder sometimes where the bruises come from.  Geez.  Land on your head.

Logan loved this as well.  He really got some height on his jumps too.

Max, looking on.  His shoulder was a bit too sore that morning to jump.

My nature girls.  Found a caterpillar.

Still loving the jumping.  And Max did decide to go back on it.

Ready to head out.  Funny as all our kids now know the class of rv's, type, etc.  Too funny.  And, at every single campground, they meet new people and chat up a storm.

Summer, not happy.  She loves going on trips on the bus as she calls it.  She did not want to leave.

Time to get mellow for the trip home.  Fun times.  Simple but fun.  Can't wait till our next trip! 

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  1. What a nice trip, it looks like so much fun! Poor Nik, he does look like he went a few rounds. :)