Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Camping Trip-- part 4 (Saturday)

After lunch, we all decided to go play miniature golf.  Yep, all of us.  It really was fun.  Beautiful weather and cool enough. 

Getting ready for a round of golf.  Bring it on Yana!  Nothing like a little friendly family competition.

 Some of them on one of the last holes.

Not a bad picture but she knows it absolutely irks me when she 'poses' for pictures.  I'd rather have a natural look/ smile than fake.  She is a teen though.  Irking mom is par for the course.

What a look!  LOL.  

Okay, ALL of us were ready to send him back to the rv.  Everything for Logan has got to be a competition.  And not in a good way either.  He had the audacity to blame the ball for losing.  We're working w/ him and so are coaches(soccer) in regards to his constant want/ need to be #1.  Always has to win.  Very sore loser, angry on the field, etc.  It's not pretty.  Trust me.  Takes time, I know but geez, it's just mini golf.

See, we did find something he could do.  Upcoming surgery restrictions are driving him nuts!  

Waiting their turn.  Yana and Alex.

 Reni, one of my left- handers, had such a hard time w/ miniature golf BUT was laughing & having fun the entire time.  Unlike her brother.  So opposite really.  Seriously not sure if they share the same DNA. LOL  Reni loved playing mini golf.  And, she's like me.  We have fun w/ it but both of us are definitely not going pro if you know what I mean.

My other left-hander.  She too had an awesome time.

Wait, what is this?!  Girls getting along??  

Yep, little friendly competition.  Just was really pleasant to play.  

And zonked out.  Don't even ask why she's in different clothes.  URGHH!!!

Bojan and Max goofing around while lighting the fire.

My tree huggers.  Don't let them fool you.  They'd chop that one down in a heartbeat if they could light it on fire.  We made soup for dinner along w/ french bread.  Hit the spot on a chilly day.

Irina and Warren enjoying some hot cocoa.  We were getting ready to wind down and watch a movie.

 Hot cocoa and grapes for snack.  Outside under the stars w/a lantern.  Nothing like it.

They love this game.  Even though they lose the marbles some times.

Alex in his favorite hat.  

We discovered Logan had never seen Star Wars.  What?!  So, we decided to do a Star Wars marathon that weekend.  Now, they are playing w/ light sabers this week.  

Umm yeh, she's not sleeping any time soon.  

This got much worse.  He smacked right into a fence post off the jumping pillow.  Ouch.  No fear though.  Went right back at it.  

Just was a nice relaxing day followed by a nice evening.  Nothing special.  Just spending some time together. Laughing over stupid stuff, having some good food, and watching some old movies.  Went to sleep and then up the next morning. 

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