Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Camping Trip-- Part 3 (Saturday)

Need to finish these posts up and get moving on a few other things.  Just been rather hectic around here and the election made my head spin.  Not getting into that discussion on here.  Today is Wednesday.  Only had speech therapy today.  Tomorrow, Summer has neuro in the early morning.  Need to take Reni to get her glasses fixed.  Let's just say now I know why Bulgaria didn't have glasses on that child.  URGHH!!!  Anyhow, just haven't been in a blogging mood lately w/ so much happening around here.  IEP meeting for Max was yesterday.  I took 7 w/ me.  We survived.  LOL.  More on all that stuff soon.  For now, finish up our trip.

More jumping.  Love this pic.  All ages holding hands running across together.

Max, just chilling out.

Reni, copying big brother Max.

More jumping.  Summer, Nik and Logan.

Little pyro!  LOL.  They would search and find sticks to burn for the fire pit.

After lunch & playing, we came in to watch a movie.  We have dual tv's that play at the same time.  One up front, one in the back.  Great entertainment.  Nightmare Before Christmas was playing this go around.  All enjoyed the down time.  

Ooh, that hot dog headache.  

 No, really guys, we don't look redneck a bit.  They put the awnings out so we could hang the towels up to the cold. 

This doesn't look bad here, but it was a big goose egg and his nose was all messed up.  Can't tell from the picture though.  That big bounce pillow was t he culprit.  He bounced right into the fence post.  Ouch!  Yet, wanted to run right back in there.  Crazy kid.

Irina loves this.  Always been a favorite of hers.  The swings.  No one is ever too old for the swingset.

Max enjoying the bounce pillow.  He's limited on everything and I know is so frustrated.

Alex could get some height but never could catch him all the way up.  Too fast.

More pictures to come.  I'll finish up Saturday and move on to coming home part.  Getting kids to bed now and finishing up some other items around here. 

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